Live from #SMX: Facebook Ads Meet Search Ads

By Sarah Lokitis | Sep 15, 2011
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For the last session of Day 2 at SMX East NYC, I head to “Facebook Ads, Meet Search Ads.” As someone who has worked with both Facebook ads and Search ads, it is interesting to hear what works well for each medium. I attended the Facebook Marketing Workshop with Marty Weintraub and the aimClear team on Monday, so it’s nice to close the day with some reinforcing ideas from earlier in the week. Joining Marty onstage are Addie Conner, SocialCode and Matt Lawson, Marin Software.

Up first: Addie Conner

Facebook and Search are completely different.

  1. Facebook is a demand creation environment and Google is a demand fulfillment environment.
  2. Google search is a means to an end. Facebook is an ends in it of itself.

Google finds intent of user based on what user is looking for. Match intent with message, come to your page and convert for value.

Facebook has you define who you want to advertise to and you send the message to them trying to create demand.

  • Define personality profile, demographics, location, and message to target each segment with. Because you push the message out to them, you can take in how everyone responds to this message and at what relevant rate.

Facebook catches live traffic and demographic research for brand which creates tons of opportunity for the marketer.

Facebook wants you to create engaging advertisement because they care about user experience. The Like button is a signup – it’s the beginning of a relationship with a brand.

Addie asks questions that are important to define working in Facebook:

  • What is a fan worth to me?
  • How can I monetize?
  • What do I do with people in my community?

If you build a community correctly with the right users – you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time – then when you ask them to do something for you, they are 3-15 times more likely to do it.

Take a moment to consider Edgerank – do you really want tons and tons of fans – some that have no interest in you?

  • The more fans you have, the less interaction and views your fans will see in their newsfeed.

She concludes that this was the year of community building and figuring out value, then optimizing that value through engagement and positive user experience.

Next up is Marty Weintraub. 

The man next to me warns me I should get ready for this and to not feel overwhelmed. :)

Kjsahglksjd Marty just showed 15 slides in 2 seconds. I’m overwhelmed.

He is discussing the impact of FB ads on search and getting you to the top of the funnel.

Webmaster Central can show the keyword level data for SEO results. Landing page conversion is measured organically.

Marty thinks that reasonable expectations should be set for CPA in paid advertising. Because we can’t all have people read us bedtime stories every night.

After the 15mill FB ad spend (estimating a number), SEO shows increased Keyword Frequency – the effect on organic was it raised interest but didn’t raise conversion, CTR and CPC. More people are interested in you though. Then for PPC AdWords search, the CTR, Impressions, Traffic and Conversions are up!  Bing shows similar statistics.

When you target people on Facebook “you need an element of snark and humor” in your copy.

Understand who you market to and understand their personalities and interests. What do they read? What do they do for fun at work and outside of work?

Occupational targeting is great because people are never really off-duty.

Matt Lawson is next. 

Consumers exposed to a brands social media are 50% more likely to click on a paid search ad.

Facebook Ad Tips

  1. Start with your Fans
  2. Expand to Fans of Related Brands
  3. Use Keyword Stemming to find interests (Think: Camping A, Camping B, Camping C….)
  4. Micro-segment your Audience
  5. Test Images before Copy – contrasting colors, link images to target audience
  6. Keep ads fresh – they get hit by ad blindness, so rotate every 3 days.
  7. Maintain the Facebook Experience – critical decision if you take the Facebook ad to an external URL or keep it within Facebook.

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