Live from TWTRCON: TurboTax

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Jun 14, 2010
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Chelsea Marti from TurboTax discussed how they scaled their Twitter effort this year to help customers with their taxes. TurboTax has over 20M customers and a limited time to help them before the tax deadline each year.

Social creates ways to attain new customers and retain the ones they have. They are engaging through multiple platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

Before this tax season, they had two people handling the TurboTax account. Over time, they had multiple socially-savvy employees doing some tweeting. They have forty employees now working on the TeamTurboTax Twitter account. They work across the organization using a hub and spoke model. Corporate communications is the hub and they use CoTweet to send out the right issues to the right people to respond.

Mid-way through the tax season, they realized they had lots of tax questions (they had thought it would be TurboTax tech questions). So they had to recruit from within the organization to find the right tax experts and added 10-12 experts right before April 15. This was the first year they did this.

Since employees were helping, it was important to incent and reward employees for helping out. What made the project a success was the knowledge that the group brought to the effort. So they did a series of internal and external rewards (like iPads and beer!).

The average response time was only 4 min. and over half of the people who contacted the team was able to finish the their tax return due to the help they got. Most importantly for them, 71% of helped folks said they would recommend TurboTax to friends. They also found that the people who reached out were mostly already customers, but this effort just solidified TurboTax’s relationship with them.

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