Losing My Bum, Building Your Links-Good Processes Take Time

By Catherine Potts | Jan 7, 2009
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I agree with Gyutae Park. There really are no short cuts to building quality links. Nor are there short cuts to healthy living or losing weight. There is a basic process and if you try to buck the process, chances are you will get caught. Sure you can do the Master Cleanse and turn your body inside out to try and lose more weight faster, effectively causing yourself to hallucinate. It will make you think you’re getting something for nothing but does it really get you anywhere in the long run? No. Why? Because the idea on both fronts is to do it right the first time and the end result will be far more worth it. Did Oprah’s liquid diet last long? No. Did she keep off that Radio Flyer wagon full of fat? No.

Of course with recent developments we can see that even the all powerful Oprah struggles. There will be some push back from link building too. Sometimes it won’t work like you had hoped so you’ll have to rework your strategy.

Gyutae makes a good comparison to losing weight and link building. It seems a bit odd at first but once you get over it, both do take a lot of hard work and often are very boring (and sometimes make one want to commit ritual suicide-is that overly dramatic?) but they are a means to an end. The one foot must move for the next to follow. Granted, there are times of plateau but this is when patience with the ways of the White Hat pays off.

If you’ve ever done any major working out with a personal trainer or the like, they’ll always tell you. Balance and moderation. Slow and steady. Eat right (white hat), do reasonable exercise and balance it with your lifestyle. The best way to achieve both a great result in link building and fitness is slow and steady. If you cheat, you’ll eventually fail b/c what does the teacher always say class? “Cheaters never prosper!”

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