Making Shopping Engine Data Feeds Simpler

By Bartley McGowan | Aug 24, 2007
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Do you list your products on more than one shopping engine? Do you find the task of creating a unique feed for each of the engines you want to be listed on to a laborious and time consuming task? Well, so did I? I was spending hours just copying and pasting in to the spreadsheets for each engine. I am sure many other marketers felt my pain. I hate to make this sound like a commercial, but someone is doing something about it.

I am just now beginning to work with a company called SingleFeed that aims to help make this process easier on all of us. I plan on keeping a log on here to let the readers out there know how it goes as we begin our work with them. Here’s the basic premise of what they do. They provide a single template which you then fill out with all your products. You then give them your template and they will then modify that one template as necessary to get you listed in 8 of the top major search engines.

I learned about this young company this past April at SES. The founder is Brian Smith who runs the ComparisonEngines blog and also writes for Search Engine Watch. I was very impressed with his presentation on data feeds and kept his handouts. A few months later, when I needed to reintroduce a client to the shopping engines his site was the first one I went to. A few hours after I created a profile he called me himself to go over how things would work. I thought that was great. I have now submitted my first feed and they will hopefully help me improve on it even more through some data feed optimization.

I’ll keep you updated on how things turn out.

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