Marketo User Summit 2012: Sales Cycle Optimization With Content, SEO & Social Media

By Janet Driscoll Miller | May 23, 2012
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The Search Mojo maketing team and I are at the Marketo User Summit this week, I wanted to cover for our readers some of the sessions most pertinent to search. First up is “Sales Cycle Optimization with Content, SEO and Social Media” featuring Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing and author of Optimize.

Lee Odden

Lee began by asking what inbound marketing tactic the audience was focusing on this year: SEO, social, online PR, content. What are some of the challenges? Creation, sharing, and measurement. He shared that Google handles 12B searches per month. At any given time there are 50-200 versions of Google’s core algorithm in the wild. But if you focus on creatinng GOOD content, you shouldn’t have to worry about all of those issues. Focus on customer preferences, not just pleasing Google.

Holistic opimization involves discovery, consumption and sharing. How will your audience discover your content? How do they want to consume it? What will make them share it? Optimize the customer journey through content along the journey.

If it can be indexed, it can be optimized. One great method Lee suggested was repurposing content. I love this! Repackage content in different ways. But you have to audit the digital assets you have in your company to take advantage of.

Lee gave an overview of SEO basics: keywords, content, links,  social. Make it easier to share content socially. Do tech SEO audits from time to time. Create thoughtful content with outcomes in mind.

Lee shared a simplified customer journey: research customer segments (good and bad) > identify keywords, topic and message > create an editorial plan > optimize, socialize, promote. Examine your customer personas to understand when, how and what content to ooptimize at different stages of each customer type’s buying cycle. He shared a sample “mappping” that is available at Finally, he encouraged using rough correelations between social and SEO KPIs to desired business outcomes.

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