Microsoft Advertising adCenter Updates

By Lindsay Keller | Oct 28, 2011
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Today when I logged into Microsoft Advertising adCenter I realized that some major updates had been made! The new adCenter interface is much more user friendly, saving us all some time. The new version allows users to edit the campaign name, status, and budget right within the main interface. With the old version of adCenter, it took users three clicks before changes to campaign settings could be made. Transitioning between three different pages and having to wait for those pages to load was a really time consuming process, especially when trying to make small changes to campaign budgets on a daily basis. In the new adCenter interface, editing budgets is only a click away!

Another big change I noticed was that the new adCenter Microsoft Advertising adCenterinterface provides four different total rows including, the search total, content total, deleted items total, and the overall campaigns total. On the old version, users could only see the overall campaigns total. It is extremely helpful for users to be able see the performance metrics separated between the search and content network because both networks are very different from each other and therefore should be managed differently. It is nice to get a quick summary of performance metric totals for each network on the main interface.

Also the new version of adCenter incorporates campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords tabs that allow users to quickly view different sections of the account. In the old version, users were 3 clicks away from viewing ad copy and could only view ad copy for one ad group at a time. These are just a few basic, but really exciting changes, especially for those that are in adCenter every day. The new adCenter updates will save you an immense amount of time when completing daily account management tasks in the interface.

You will notice that the adCenter interface is slowly beginning to look a lot like the Google AdWords interface and becoming more user friendly.  What would you like to see done in future adCenter updates? Leave a comment or find me on Twitter @LindsKeller!

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