Mind Your Annoying Site Mistakes

By Catherine Potts | Apr 29, 2009
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We all have our likes and dislikes of the websites and blogs we encounter in our daily internet meandering. I tend to be the kind of person who will find the flaw and most often I have opinions on what is wrong (and sometimes really right) with a given site. I wonder where the heck the designer’s (or writer) head is and try to figure out what possibly drove them to take it live.

I’m all about user friendliness and ease of use. If it’s not user friendly then what is the point?

Navigation is a big deal to all surfers. If getting from point A to point B is hard (and it doesn’t take much to make most surfers whine) then the chances of a return visit are nil.

Stoney deGeyter addresses these issues in his blog post 7 Ways to Lose Business (Quickly). I’ll just address what I find the most bothersome with the things he lists and perhaps a little more.

He mentions overuse of ads. Ugh, the ads. I agree with Stoney that some sites are so bogged down with ads it’s tough to enjoy the experience. He’s mainly addressing business sites looking unprofessional but I think that there is a visual maximum that users can handle and most often, I have a hard time tolerating and over abundance of visual stimuli. Entertainment sites tend to be spazzy but that’s their thing.

“Business sites with too many ads make your site look unprofessional. Most business sites selling products or services are probably better served with little or no ads whatsoever.”

Stoney also addresses the lengthy loading time of a page. YES! HATE THAT! I can say, with certainty that I will not return to a site that won’t load fast. This is why I only visit NBC.com or others of the same size very rarely. I think one great example of a site that is enormous but works well, every time, is Amazon.com. It’s intuitive and most of all, easy to understand and navigate.

Typos. My God the typos. Almost nothing turns me off more from a site like the typos-well except slow loading. That’s not to say I dno’t mses up on ocazion.

Bogus Site Search:

“If you have it on your site, your customers need to be able to find it. If you have a site search that doesn’t deliver the results then visitors will leave assuming you don’t have what they want. Check various keyword combination, misspellings, close matches, etc and make sure your search results give the visitors what they came looking for.”

I’m not sure how many sites I’ve visited that have terrible search. If I can’t find what I need, I’m not returning.

Finally, overly verbose posts turn me off. Sure, if all the content is needed, great. I have this thing in me that will just shut down if people ramble on. I can’t stand it. Get it out and get me the information you’re trying to communicate already. This blogging thing has turned a lot of people into bloggers without governors (you know, governors on NASCAR race cars) who don’t possess the awesome talent of economy of the word.

I think that’s why the top bloggers are where they are. They’ve mastered the art of message economy.

Now I’m going to practice it myself. The End.

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