Monster of a PPC Campaign Giving You Nightmares?

By Amanda Sides | Mar 16, 2009
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Have you ever had nightmares about your PPC Campaigns? If you are managing a really large account, chances are, you probably have. With large accounts, it’s easy to let them control you instead of the other way around.

Managing tens of thousands of keywords can be extremely challenging; even more so now that the long tail keywords are getting even longer. It is critical that you stay organized; if you feel overwhelmed or at a loss when planning your next move, consider these strategies.

Get Organized.

If you are managing a large campaign, you should already have this one nailed down. Believe it or not, as familiar as you have become with your account, it’s quite simple to lose track of what’s going on throughout. Campaigns or ad groups that you don’t place high on the priority list may become neglected, potentially causing you to miss out on opportune traffic.

As I’ve recommended before, take a step back. Every now and then, browse through your campaigns, without purpose or direction, and see what you find. You’ll catch small updates you may have skipped over, or find something that resides where it shouldn’t. You will be surprised when you find small tweaks that should’ve been made along the way, but you didn’t have time or didn’t place very high importance on the task at the time. A simple campaign clean-up every so often will help you stay organized.


If you aren’t organized, this may seem like the last thing you should be doing. So first, get organized then proceed with the expansion. Keyword expansion is an ongoing process. Your consumers evolve in the way they search, so since you should be taking cues from them, you should be evolving as well. Be sure to fully understand the long tail search trends happening in your industry, and allow that information to become the foundation for your expansion approach. Search query reports are your best friend here. You can find out how your searchers are searching for you, and from there proceed with your expansion.

Even though you only add a few keywords here and there, you will have masses of keywords added over time across the board… and if you are not organized, this will definitely make your future undertakings even more burdensome. Now is the time to take another step back, and finding ways to reorganize your ad groups.

Formulate a Restructure.

With a large account, taking on a restructure is a major ordeal. You are completely reorganizing what you’ve come to know, and now you could find yourself being uncomfortable again on your own stomping grounds. One small thing you should be sure to not overlook is carrying over bid settings. If you have a lot to do, it’s easy to get lazy and just set everything on default again, but you’ve put in a lot of work increasing and lowering bids to better your performance, don’t undo all of that in one simple moment of weakness. If you have moved keywords in the restructure, be sure to pause them in their previous location; you don’t want lots of keywords in several ad groups; it could cause your intentions to go awry and also further your lack of organization.

Appropriately Manage Bids.

This is a burdensome task when associated with huge campaigns, but is not something to be overlooked. Periodically go through and find costly keywords that are performing poorly. Your account may be so big that some keywords may be stealthfully sucking up your budget and not bringing you any results. Lower bids or get rid of them completely. Trimming down here and there can make a big impact with accounts of this magnitude.

Don’t stress out. Be patient; this will take time.

Don’t put things on a “To-Do at a later date” list that rarely sees the light of day. Little tweaks that are neglected can be disastrous for large PPC campaigns. What you don’t do now will pile up and come back to haunt you later. Prevent your campaign from becoming a nightmare by getting organized. It’s always step number one in my book. The less organized you and your campaigns are, the more difficult small tasks can become. It’s going to take some effort, but you can get control of your campaigns again.

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