More On Google Click Fraud – Google Says Only .02% of Fraudulent Clicks Beat Their Filters

By Bartley McGowan | Mar 1, 2007
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The AdWords Blog was updated late last night with the somewhat shocking statistic that only .02% of the clicks advertisers are being charged for are undetected fraudulent clicks. If these numbers are indeed accurate, then it means that Google’s filters are doing an impressive job of keeping advertisers from paying for malicious clicks. Of course, the statistic released is supposed to be telling us how many undetected clicks are actually getting through, but doesn’t this of course mean that there are other ways that fraudsters are getting through that Google doesn’t know about?

It just seems like there have got to be criminals out there who can stay one step ahead of Google, but at least Google seems to be taking this very seriously and they do spend a good deal of time and money to protect their advertisers. The amount of money they lose by filtering the clicks in the first place is staggering – every percentage point of fraudulent clicks that Google does not charge advertisers for equals over $100 million in potential revenue. As I wrote last week, Google filters out somewhere in the neighbhorhood of less than 10% of the clicks. That’s a lot of money they are leaving on the table at the benefit of their customers, so I am inclined to feel that they are indeed doing as good a job as they can, but that number of .02% sounds just too good to be true.

You can read Google’s post over at the AdWords Blog and decide for yourself.

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