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By Amanda Sides | Sep 22, 2009
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MSN’s adCenter may seem pretty old-fashioned in comparison to the PPC giant, Google AdWords, but they are slowly inching tiny steps closer with every new update. The latest update allows you to preview how your ads will show on Bing with the new Ad Preview Tool.

A few days ago I noticed a new link in my MSN adCenter account with the title: “Ad Preview Tool.” The link appeared within the Campaign tab view in the upper right hand corner.

Ad Preview Tool Link

Out of natural curiosity, I proceeded to find out where it would lead. When you first land on the page, it seems pretty naked, having only a large box filled with nothing, and a small search box above it.

Ad Preview Tool

Once you type in a sample query, you will see a screen with a preview of how your ad would appear for that keyword.

Ad Preview Tool Results

This new tool will help those who are uncomfortable with the change to Bing sleep a little easier. Being able to preview your ads within the interface is a way adCenter gives marketers a little more confidence when advertising with them.

Benefits of the tool…

  • Assurance of how your ad will appear in Bing results.
  • Ability to view how ads will appear without having to leave the interface.
  • If you have specified keywords as negatives, this is a good way to test out the validity of your exclusions.
  • Previewing how your ad will show via the Ad Preview Tool will have no effect on impression or click data within your account. It is only meant to let you preview how/where your ad will show.

Your ad may not show…

  • If you want to target within a certain geographical location, your audience will be limited and your ad may not show within the preview box.
  • If you are being outbid by competitors on the keyword you want to see a preview results page for, your ad will not show.
  • If other paid ads have a higher relevance to the query, your ad may not show.

When using the tool, if your ad doesn’t show, this may be an indication that changes need to be made to your account. A negative keyword could be preventing it from showing, or it may not show as a result of low bids or inadequate ad relevance. Whatever the reason, this tool will help you be more aware of what’s working and what’s not.

Has anyone used the tool and found it to be remarkably helpful or found any major issues with this new option?

Learn more about the tool.

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