Muscle Weighs More Than Fat – Adding Keyword Density to Your Site

By Avelyn Austin | Jan 14, 2009
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Ever go to the gym to lose weight and find that after working out you actually gained weight? Don’t stress, this is a common occurrence because let’s face it, muscle weighs more than fat!  The difference is, muscle weight looks good.

So what does muscle versus fat have to do with SEO?  It’s simple, to obtain high organic rankings it’s time for your site to get in the gym and start gaining some muscle weight while losing the fluff.  For a website, the muscle weight resides in the content.  This muscle weight is known as keyword density and can be increased by focusing on a particular word or phrase within the site’s content.  Search engines scan sites using bots to determine what the site is all about.  Because these bots have a hard time viewing images and dynamic graphics, they rely on the written content to tell them what is on the site.  This being said, it is important that your written content has high keyword density to emphasize why people should be on your site.  How do you increase keyword density?

A site with good keyword density will mention a specific keyword or keyword phrase in multiple places on the page, keeping in mind that sentences should flow and make sense to readers.  Just like muscle mass, there is such a thing as too much keyword density; for instance, if the content is simply one keyword repeated over and over again (i.e. keyword density, keyword density, keyword density) the bots will penalize you causing your site to receive lower organic rankings.  Still confused?  Think of the muscle mass analogy, just like you and I here’s what the bots see:

Good Keyword Density vs. Too Much Keyword Density

Good Keyword Density______vs.______ Bad Keyword Density

Need a keyword density analyzer to find out what your site’s current keyword density is?  This free keyword density analyzer tool from SEO Book gives you a full keyword density report that includes not only the keywords, numeric count, and corresponding density; it highlights the 2 word phrases and 3 word phrases that are repeated throughout the site.

So, get those sites back to the pull-up bar and start adding some good muscle weight, just not too much.

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