New Google AdWords Feature: Product Extensions

By Amanda Sides | Nov 24, 2009
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Inside AdWords announced today that a new feature of Google AdWords is now available for all United States advertisers called product extensions. This product extension feature will allow you to create ads with more specific information that will in turn create a more relevant result for the searcher’s query. Google AdWords product extensions give advertisers the ability to use their Google Merchant Center account to promote your products right there in your search ads.

Your ads can now show as they normally would, but in addition to the usual ad layout, there will be a section under the ad devoted to the image, title, and prices of the relevant products. The product extension option will allow for a slightly different looking ad that includes more information than most on the page, therefore drawing more attention to it on the search engine results page (SERP). According to Inside AdWords, some advertisers are already seeing clickthrough rate (CTR) improvements of 10% or more.

Like Product Listing Ads, which we announced as a limited beta earlier this month, product extensions are part of our effort to make ads more useful and relevant for shopping-related queries by allowing advertisers to include relevant product information directly within the ad. –Inside AdWords

By adding your AdWords customer ID to your Google Merchant Center account, and opting into the new feature, you can control the products that show for certain queries, or choose automatic targeting to let AdWords show the products they deem most relevant to the users query.

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