#NewTwitter and Photo Updates are Here

By Sarah Lokitis | Aug 9, 2011
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If you haven’t hung out on Twitter.com lately, you may notice several different changes. The old interface is no longer active, you can add photos directly to Twitter.com, and you can quickly search pictures on Twitter.com.

#oldTwitter and #newTwitter

As of yesterday, #oldTwitter is no longer active and those who have held on to #oldTwitter for the year where the two Twitter designs coexisted had to say goodbye as #newTwitter officially became the only Twitter.  The redesigned interface is explained in a video available here. How do you feel about the switch from #oldTwitter to #newTwitter? Let me know by commenting or tweeting to @Lokitis.

Adding photos directly to Twitter.com

Now you can upload photos from your phone or computer directly to Twitter.com. Twitter has partnered with Photobucket to allow this service and streamline the process of including photos in tweets.

Find the camera icon below the update dialogue box, select your photo, preview the photo and send it out on Twitter!

Share an image on Twitter

Search Photos

Searching for pictures on Twitter.com is now as simple as typing “sp” (search photos) while you are on the interface. A search photos window will appear and you can search for any topic.

Twitter - Search PhotosOnce you type in the term you are looking for and press enter, a new screen will appear with image snapshots. I just did a quick search for images of mountains:

Search Photos : MountainsUsers can view all and see the images as they appear in the screenshot above, or click view detail to view larger images and the corresponding user Tweet.

Do you like all these Twitter updates? What are you still waiting for on Twitter? Let me know by commenting on this post or sending a message out to @Lokitis. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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