Nobody’s Gonna Ever Sphinn This…

By Tad Miller | Sep 27, 2007
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Ever since I discovered Sphinn and submitted a post that people actually liked, I’ve been a little bit addicted to checking it out everyday. It’s been extremely informative and has introduced me to some pretty good SEM bloggers I never would have known existed.

It’s a one stop information source that seems to update as soon as things happen in the world of Search. There are several “Sphinners” who post or submit or Sphinn several articles per day, and as I experiment with StumbleUpon, which is mentioned almost daily on Sphinn, I see the same exact Sphinners being even more active on StumbleUpon - and I would assume Digg too. Almost all of these people have their own businesses – but it looks like they spend all their time coming up with great content to Sphinn and voting for content on StumbleUpon.

So I guess my first question is: How do they make any money? Is their some indirect way they are making money by blogging, Stumbling and Sphinning? There is something to be said for gaining notoriety in the industry among your peers, but their is a lot more to be said for making the mortgage payment every month.

I would love to get invites to all the cool parties at SEO conferences, and getting that kind of cache seems to come from participating in Forums, Sphinning, Stumbling, Blogging and Commenting on others Bloggs. But I’m managing millions of dollars of online advertising spend for two OEM Auto manufacturers, SEO efforts for those same automotive clients and several other smaller but important accounts! How am I supposed to do all of that?

Ever since I started submitting my own Blog posts to Sphinn I’ve become very self-conscious about what I post. Is it “Sphinn worthy”? Will it go “hot”? I’ve written some decent technical “how-to’s” that fizzled on it instantly on Sphinn, its just not the audience for that kind of material…

So I think my choices are 1. Write content that is more likely to impress and hopefully hook potential clients (less complex and easier to produce) or 2. Write more entertaining, and time consuming material for my peers and with the hopes of someday ending up in and SEOMoz comic strip after an SES conference (much harder to do).

I feel like it’s High School and I want to eat lunch at the cool kids table, except this time the tables are turned and the SEO nerds are the cool kids. Guess I’ll have to settle for a steady paycheck…for now.

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    First off with a title like “Nobody’s Ever Going To Sphinn This” you are guaranteed at least one Sphinn from me.

    Re your feelings about high school etc I have always felt that business, the world, etc is a lot like high school except it’s high school with money which adds to the wackiness.

    As for what these Sphinners do all day thus far my experience is that many of them are entrepreneurs and Sphinn provides them with an outlet to interact and share information with like-minded individuals. It can definitely get to be a time-sink but so far I feel like it has been worth it from both a business and a socializing point of view. Since I started working for myself one of my prime directives has been only work with people you like and respect. Sphinn is full of people that I like and respect, at least virtually. And so it’s incumbent upon me to make sure they like and respect me. So yes it’s like high school but if you knew then what you know now high school would be a lot cooler right?

    Not to spam your comments but this seems appropriate – you may want to check out this article I wrote about how I got to the top of Sphinn on my first try.

    Nice to meet you, virtually that is.