Note to Search Engines: Hire Better Talent!

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Apr 27, 2007
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For all its tests and  so-called screening for talented workers, the major search engines do a poor job at hiring good talent for account management. It’s a big pet peeve of mine, so it’s time I rant about it.

 I manage a very large Fortune 500 client’s PPC program through Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN AdCenter. In all three cases, our account management has been, at best, mediocre. What I’ve found is that most of the account representatives a) don’t know how the PPC technology works or b) give the wrong answers. In all of my years of working with PPC, I’ve only found one account representative worth her weight who was actually a VALUE ADD to the account (to give proper credit, she worked at Google), but she was quickly promoted and was out of account management. Bummer.

A good example of the missteps this week happen to also come from Google. An account representative for our Fortune 500 client example did not know if a search on a keyword with a dash (ex. search-mojo) or the same word with a space (ex. search mojo) yield the same ad results. Seems pretty simple to me… and I don’t work at Google. Maybe I should?

With all of the money that the engines are making on search ads today, seems to me they could invest more in training their own folks. When your representative doesn’t even know the basics covered in the certification programs, that’s a problem.

 My message to the engines: PLEASE give us better talent. We give you a lot of money — I think good customer service that CAN HELP US SPEND MORE MONEY is really in your best interest.

Rant complete. Thanks for listening.

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  • Catherine Potts

    Amen sister!