Online Marketing for the Product People Don't Know They Need…Yet

By Tad Miller | Aug 20, 2012
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In our complex high tech world new products and services are constantly being developed to solve the problems of life and business.  Frequently the solutions are so new and innovative that people don’t even know they exist.  As an online marketer you have to figure out ways to use online channels to get the world knowing that you have solutions and then seal the deal with a sale.

We’ve worked for lots of companies that sell products that the world doesn’t know they need yet and we have found 8 tactics that can help companies maximize online visibility and thereby make sales.

1. Focus Site Content on the Problem That the Product or Service Solves.  You can have a page devoted to all of problems your product or service solves, but it’s in your interest from an SEO perspective to devote individual pages detailing each exact problem and the exact solution you provide.

2. Focus on Individual Features, Benefits or Solutions.  Again summarizing all of the features on one product page is a great idea, but you need to take it further and devote an individual page of your website to each feature if you want to maximize your visibility in search engine results for searches about those features.


3. Figure Out Who Your Customers Should Be.  Do your research on all of your demographics.  Are they consumers. Are they Businesses.  How old are they?  Do they have specific job titles.  Do they work for specific companies.  Are they small business customers or large enterprise customers?  Is your product for luxury customers or for the general consumer?  Are they house wives?  Are they CEOs ?

4. Push Messages to Your Target Demographics.  Once you determine the demographics you want to target you need to start utilizing demographic targeting on LinkedIn and Facebook to start building awareness and start building your brand.  Don’t expect to succeed right away with those display ads though.  We think the key to utilizing demographic targeting is more of a long term strategy.  You pay a premium to get those demographically targeted clicks from LinkedIn and Facebook.  Land those clicks on a specific landing page on your website devoted to each network and utilize tracking cookies for remarketing on the Google Display Network.  You can then continue to market to that target demographic with Display banners and continue to build awareness to your ideal audience.

5. Blog to Your Target Audience.  Blog about the problems your product or service solves and get specific.  Create blog posts with success stories.  Share favorable statistics about how you have made customers successful.

6. Utilize Social Sharing.  First generate content worth sharing.  That content can be a blog post. A case study. An Infographic or a video.  You need to get social profiles on all of the major social networks and if there are niche social networks suited to your target demographic get on them as well.  At some point your fans and customers will start doing the work for you and spreading the word for you.  Earned Media from those fans will be a necessity in becoming an established brand and getting your product, service or solution known.

7. Keep your expectations relative.  Judge your success based on the reach you have within your target demographic and how large the interest is within that demographic.  Large enterprise niche products won’t have the same kind of site traffic that larger demographic groups like small business customers or consumers have.  Anytime you have an “Enterprise” level product or service you need to think in terms of how much targeted traffic am I bringing in versus shear volume of traffic.

8. Build a Brand Offline and Online.  Trade shows, Print Advertising, TV or Radio might be the way your brand actually gets known.  But getting known isn’t necessarily getting sales.  You have to have your online channels ready and optimized once that offline media drives customers to your website.  TV might get you known, but online is where you “Seal the Deal” and convince customers that your product or service in the way to go.

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