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By Renee Revetta | Nov 5, 2009
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I checked out the Vocus on-demand webinar with Brian Solis this week entitled “Distribution in the New Era of Social Media.”  Today we’re all “sources” with the power of social media distribution channels at our fingertips.  But with so many content creators and new information flooding the Internet each day, the ability to be searchable and discoverable has become increasingly important.

Utilize SEO and SMO. Although the goal is to create engaging and riveting content, what’s the bother if it isn’t discoverable?  Solis shared his opinion,

Everything starts with search.

Pump up your searchability. The more optimized the content you have, the more discoverable it is.  Solis thinks SEO and SMO are critical in new media and PR and that people will be forced to pay more attention to SMO in the future if they want their content to be found.  He said the web is, by far, still an individual experience. People start with search if they’re seeking content.

Increase your digital footprint. Luckily, there are easy ways to share content on multiple social media sites, which will increase your digital footprint.

Here are some tools to help syndicate distribution by easily publishing on multiple social networks: Posterous, Tumblr, Plaxo, TweetDeck, Facebook, Vox

Create Links. Posting content to multiple networks will help you in many ways, one benefit including link creation.  As Solis said, “links are the currency of the web.” Another point Solis made,

Distribution is only as strong as the people on the other side…You need to be reaching the right people in the right places.

By using these syndication tools, your content will appear in front of your audience on the network of their choice.  People are searching within their networks, and information is finding them without much work involved. Your audience relies on their human networks to provide them with compelling content. A tweet appears on TweetDeck, a new post rolls into Google Reader, a new Facebook status appears, an e-newsletter pops up – and if you aren’t on your audience’s radar or publishing to their network, they’ll miss your message.

Cover your bases. But use the power of publishing to multiple networks with care.  Go where your audience is.  Sometimes determining that isn’t so easy, however.  As Solis pointed out, we have multiple audiences that reside on different networks.  But, certain content doesn’t need to be published everywhere.  Take a moment to decide if it’s appropriate. If you abuse this capability too much, people will un-follow, de-fan, un-subscribe and flat out ignore your messages.  The point is to use various methods of distribution to increase searchability through appropriate channels, not to become a spammer.

I’d love to hear your additions and ideas.  Reach me @reneerevetta on Twitter.

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