Updates: You Want Editorial Control? You Got It!

By Renee Revetta | Jun 28, 2011
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In case you’d been avoiding creating a daily due to lack of editorial control, well, your problem is solved! recently added features giving the creator the option to delete a story or to promote a story to the featured article. (and much more)

The blog explains all of the updates, but some of my favorites include:

  • filters for keywords to make your even more targeted
  • ability to combine Twitter users, Twitter lists, Twitter searches and hashtags into the daily
  • ability to promote a story to the featured story
  • editorial control – allowing you to remove an article completely

Currently these features are available to the publisher after the daily publishes. On the blog, a rep from said they’re working on the features necessary to edit the content of the daily BEFORE the daily publishes.

iStock_000022305749_Large now optimized for mobile!

Some other nuggets of info from the blog.

  • It seems like they’re working on an advertising platform for release this summer sometime.
  • Limit for Twitter users is 10 dailies per account.
  • has also been recently optimized for smartphones.

Maybe for those of you who were at first hesitant of these updates will make you more likely to give it a try. Do you use dailies to curate content? Will you now give them a try?



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