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By Casey Davenport | Oct 3, 2012
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In his presentation “Keys to Leveraging the Mobile Ad Opportunity”, Bill Dinan presented compelling data about the opportunity that mobile advertising presents to marketers. He posed the analogy “desktop is to search as mobile is to act”, implying that by advertising on mobile, marketers can take advantage of the unique research patterns and motivations of mobile searchers.  Dinan stated that 70-85% of all local searches lead to action, usually within a couple hours.

Key points about leveraging the mobile ad opportunity:

1. Know your mobile consumer -
Marketers need to know the customer before deciding how and when to engage them.

  • Travel-related searches tend to be research based with longer term conversions. 46% of these searches turn to conversions.
  • Restaurant related searches have a much shorter path to purchase, with 64% of smartphone users deciding to purchase within the hour and 85% overall turning to conversions.
  • Automotive related searches have a mix of both quick conversions and research. 51% of these searches turn to conversions.

2. Ensure up front contact information
Making directions, maps, and phone numbers available is important to make mobile efforts successful. This information can enable searches to quickly call to see if a store is open, get quick directions, or find a restaurant they might have not known was nearby otherwise.  Making this contact data readily available can be the difference between a consumers decision to purchase or not purchase.

3. Understand Smartphone & Tablet Nuances

It is important to keep in mind there are nuances for different verticals.While data shows that smartphones are used more often to find and contact businesses and tablets are generally used more for researching prices and reviews, the opposite is true for travel users, who show strong smartphone usage for research.

Engaging Searchers

Three reasons Dinan said users engage with mobile ads are because they are locally relevant, offer local coupons or promotions, and feature a known brand.

Evaluating Performance:

Mobile advertising success can be measured against the following performance metrics:

  • Phone calls
  • Reservations
  • Map and direction views
  • Coupon redemption
  • In-Store Check-in

To learn more about mobile ad opportunity follow Bill Dinan @telme01 or visit Telmetrics.

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