PPC and Client Relations – Sales Advice from Google

By Avelyn Austin | Jun 20, 2008
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This week I set up a new PPC AdWords account for a prospective client. This time, of course, it was a little bit more challenging- I wasn’t allowed to look at the clients’ site… it won’t launch until September. To find out about the “to be” site I had to go the old fashion route, I had to ask questions and listen.

Later I stumbled upon the Google Learning Center which has been tucked away in my Bookmarks until I need to renew my “Advertising Professional” test. I decided to do a little poking around and I came to their lesson on “Selling AdWords“. Their quick list of milestones is definitely a brest practice that can help not only seal the deal with a potential client, but keep them happy in the future. Google’s list is bold and my additional notes follow. On the Learning Center Google says to:

1 . Identify the Client- Get to know them whether it’s by email, phone, or at the bare minimum follow them on Twitter.

2. Define your Goals- Find out what the client’s end goal is? Is it to drive traffic? Get information or conversions? Or maybe it’s just to spend money!? Finding this out early may save you and your company a lot of time and stress.

3 . Create a Written Proposal- Do your research. Find appropriate keywords via the clients’ site (if you’re so fortunate), competitor sites, or Google’s Keyword Tool. Isn’t it nice of Google to give us a tool that tells us which keywords will help us spend more money? Also look at your potential clicks and budget spend. All of this will give the client more knowledge resulting in a happier relationship from the start.

Number 4 is a bit of my own advice… and I think it’s worth every cent you’re paying for it!

4. Present it to the client- Haven’t you heard, presentation is everything? Present the written proposal in professional format i.e. make it look pretty. Then let the client know how excited you are to hear from them, not their money… that will naturally follow.

I realize that most of you are more into SEO and PPC side of the Search Engine Marketing business, but all of us have to do a bit of sales from time to time too. So I hope these tips come in handy.

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