Prepare for Wedding Season: 3 Steps to Content Creation for Wedding Professionals

By Sarah Lokitis | Jun 14, 2013
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wedding flowers I’m engaged! Woot woot, (yes, I just did an “I’m engaged happy dance”) and now all I want to do is read wedding blogs and look at Facebook posts about wedding invitations. If you are in the wedding industry, this is WEDDING SEASON and you probably do not have the energy to stay up until 3AM writing a blog post to market yourself to the newly engaged. I’m here to share some suggestions about content creation that can work for you, as well as  just about anyone in a business that has a busy season that may prevent them from staying on top of social media marketing. A great way to prepare for a busy season is to get ahead by creating evergreen content (content that is non-seasonal and will be relevant no matter what time of year it is) to keep your online presence fresh and SEO-friendly. This does require planning, but will pay off in the end.

1. Brainstorm topics

The wonderful thing about the wedding industry is that you likely have many amazing stories to tell potential customers. Our content marketing manager, Kari Rippetoe, asked in a post this year “Is your content telling Google the right story?” and yes, wedding stories and love stories are perfect online content (there are two recent examples of wedding photos that went viral: this poignant pre-wedding photo, and this more humorous one). This content should be relevant to your customers and not 100% self-serving – brides-to-be don’t want to hear about how great you are, they want to know how great you’re going make their wedding day for them. Check out Kari’s post to find some great SEO tips for telling your story and ensuring it gets found in search. Here are some ideas to think about for creating compelling and useful wedding content:

  • Seasonal trends & topics
  • What questions are brides (and their families) asking you?
  • What mistakes have you seen and how can brides avoid them?
  • Real wedding stories (with images)
  • Slideshows from weddings
  • Checklists and things to remember
  • How to Save Money (that’s what I want to know!)
  • Quotes

2. Create content

OK, so this part requires a lot of commitment. Book one day a week to be “content day” on your calendar. On this day, create 3 to 4 pieces of content that you can use throughout the year from your topic list. Not every post needs to be a novel – think about the length of posts you like to read or you see work on bigger blogs in your industry. Some posts can just be a few photos (pictures alone can tell such a great story) and take just a few minutes to create, while others may be more intensive resources for your prospective clients. If you stick to this schedule, in just 3 months you will have 36 blog posts completed and ready to share!

3. Schedule & Share

In Amanda’s post about best practice search strategies for the wedding industry, her third point was to be present and active in social media. By scheduling your content, you can make sure your voice is out there. Then during wedding season, you can just check regularly for messages and other forms of engagement by future brides/clients. If your blog allows you to schedule posts for different dates throughout the year, go for it. You could also create your own editorial calendar with reminders to publish your posts, if that is helpful. If you find that a particular post needs to be updated with a more timely piece of information (such as recent relevant news or trends), you can easily add those references to your pre-written content before it publishes. Schedule the content to be shared through social media evenly throughout the year with a tool, like HootSuite, for maximum exposure. PLEASE use automation smartly and only push out things you or someone from your team has checked and double-checked for errors. With a social scheduling plan, sharing should only take a few minutes each day, besides any monitoring and responding you do. It’s also important to share content that is not from you, so find other evergreen content from people in your industry (doesn’t have to be your competitor) that will be relevant to your audience and share that as well.

*Here is a handy list of tools to check out to help you create and schedule your content. Plus, check out this list of 26 content marketing tools compiled by our content marketing manager, Kari Rippetoe*

Are you a wedding professional? How are you planning and creating content for brides-to-be like me? Comment below or tweet me @Lokitis!

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