Put PPC and SEO Focus On The Future To Make It Through Rough Times.

By Amanda Sides | Apr 17, 2009
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Recently published in Advertising Age, an article by Philip H. Geier, Jr., “10 Principles For Bad Times That Work In Good Times, Too”, gives encouragement on how to succeed in the bad economical times along with the good.If you are less than motivated to bring your PPC and SEO efforts back to life, take a few minutes to get inspired.

Adapt.So the economy has taken a turn for the worse… Use this as an opportunity to put some focus on issues that may have been on the back burner.Maybe it’s the perfect time for an account restructure.Change direction to match search trends, and the evolving economy.Resolving permanent problems will help you come out of this recession stronger.

Motivate.Just like your company, your employees have also been hit hard.Motivate them by not just cutting out the newest hires;show them you are keeping the best of the best and this will uplift morale and motivate those you have kept to work to the best of their abilities.Have training sessions to better educate your team; making them more knowledgeable and specialized can lead to a more motivated and efficient company.

Focus Efforts.Get back to the basics of your business.Nix all the glitz and glamour and do what you do best.Create a competitive advantage by concentrating on the right tactics and better optimization.

Stay True to Your Vision. Don’t lose sight of your vision just because of the recession.Keep your goals in sight and strive even more to reach them.Learn how your current methods will react in the changing industries; you don’t want to change all of your tactics now, only to revert to different ones coming out of the recession.If your goals are starting to look like they won’t be met, make some technical changes to your account so you don’t stray too far from the numbers, but keep core strategies in place.

Communicate.In changing the way you are conducting bid management, or restructuring campaigns, be sure everyone is on the same page.Be certain your clients and business partners all understand what changes you are making and why.You don’t want to lose anyone’s trust or your credibility in a time like this.

Innovate.While you are directing focus throughout the economic downturn, don’t halt research and development.If you put on the brakes now, you could slip off the radar when things start turning around.Other agencies could be pouring resources into the idea of post-click marketing, and could crush their opponents who don’t adapt to the ways of the industry in the future.Be part of the revolution of the SEO/PPC industries.Don’t sit back and watch it pass you by.

Seize New Opportunities.Venture capital is drying up, so there will be lots of opportunity to acquire start-ups.Be sure acquisitions and major shifts are essential, that they will help you in the long-run.Weigh the costs; maybe it’s a better time for your company to partner with a web design firm rather than acquire one to help pick up an overload of landing page projects.Just because something is readily available and in the clearance section doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a smart buy.

Integrate Marketing.If you are not doing so already, try to make everything as relevant as possible.Align ad copy with landing pages and keywords and brand image; a lot of this direction can come from other media channels such as tv and print.Being more aligned could help your agency along with clients in SEO/PPC efforts.

Retain Credibility. So the numbers for March aren’t looking quite as lovely as you had imagined… Don’t sugar coat poor results.Tell it like it is and don’t lose your clients’ trust by dissolving your credibility.You want to be transparent about results and why they are less than ideal.Formulate a plan of action to move forward and clearly communicate this.

Inspire Customers.Optimism and innovation are two major factors that have gotten brands through hard times in the past.Get excited about what you do; if you are passionate, let it show.Everyone needs to be looking up to get out.

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