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By Renee Revetta | Dec 7, 2009
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Today, I listened into the Google Search announcements with Google Goggles, real-time search and Google Trends as some of the big topics.  I would suggest checking out each of these developments.  Not only are they big news in the SEO field, but real-time search is a perfect example of where social media and SEO merge into one. The real-time search feature now pulls in tweets (and public Facebook page and Myspace status updates later on) and will be rolling out for all users soon. For an example, check out this search of my Twitter ID.

Towards the end of the webcast, Googlers were taking audience questions. As Jason Kincaid wrote:

Q: Can you bring truth into the equation with recent and relevancy.
A: Right now we emphasize quantity and relevance, and that often brings the truth. But there may be times when the truth is not black and white, but it’s a very hard problem because language understanding is still an unsolved problem.

It was Amit Singhal, Google Fellow that responded to this worthy question. He continued by saying when users see something was retweeted or the same basic message was tweeted multiple times, that this alone could help prove relevance.

When I asked my followers on Twitter about the meaning of RTs, I received this response:

Retweets are golden, and as real-time search eventually reaches Google users everywhere, retweets may be one of the ways people realize the results they’re seeing are truthful.  Although there’s still some debate and technical issues surrounding the old style vs. new style RT, I’m hoping both will appear in real-time results.  Although some third-party Twitter apps are still struggling to integrate the new RT style smoothly, Google sees all.   Retweets may be more important than we ever imagined.

For more information, here are some of the folks that liveblogged the event: Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, Jason Kincaid and Kara Swisher.  Let me know your thoughts.  Find me @reneerevetta on Twitter.

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