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By Amanda Sides | Oct 9, 2009
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Yahoo recently released a blog post titled “The Next Wave of Search,” covering recent updates and updates soon to come, citing innovation, transparency and control, value, and relevance to be the root of the developments. It sounds like they are trying to give marketers more control over their campaigns, here’s a rundown of some of the recent/soon-to-come developments:

Ad Delivery Report

Ad Delivery Report. Yahoo released this new Ad Delivery Report feature early last month. This gave a lot of marketers a breath of fresh air, knowing they would be able to find out what sites their ads were actually showing up on within Yahoo’s syndicated search partners… that fresh air was short-lived. You only have 500 sites you can exclude, and with new parked domains popping up every day, 500 is nowhere near the number of sites you’ll want to exclude. As Tad Miller has covered several times in the past, Yahoo, when will we be allowed to exclude all parked domains!?

Network Distribution. One thing that will possibly help us out is the new Network Distribution option that is expected to launch in the first Quarter of next year. With this feature you’ll be able to choose to run your ads on Yahoo OR its partner network. This will make it possible to get rid of all of the sites you don’t want your ad shown on, but there are a few legitimate sites within the partner network that give you good quality traffic that would also be excluded. Hopefully closer to launch, more details will clarify how Network Distribution will work.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop tool. Yes, Yahoo is finally developing an offline tool to try to make our lives easier. Desktop tools such as AdWords Editor and Microsoft adCenter Desktop help advertisers with massive campaigns stay organized and make many edits at once, much faster than through the online interface. I am happy to say that Yahoo will soon follow suit. We’ll get a look at this tool next year, but if you want more information now, here’s what Yahoo suggests:

If you’re interested in it now, please contact your account representative or sign up to inquire about our beta program.

Do you think any of the above developments will help your advertising efforts? If not, what do you think Yahoo needs to do next to please search advertisers?

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