Recession Busting: SEO Style

By Catherine Potts | Mar 11, 2009
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In my daily readings, I came across an article by Debra Mastaler called A Link Building Stimulus Plan and it served to inspire. I think we’re all witnessing a lot of financial devastation on just about every level these days. We see huge companies falling as well as close friends. It’s those close friends, often victim to the large company’s closure or downsizing that is most painful to witness. To those going through it, the safety net has been snatched out from under them and there is little that can be done to ease the pain.

With this economy, we’re all forced to be just a little bit more creative with how we do things. For companies, this mean streamlining processes and doing what it takes to retain employees. Stop with the costly extras and get down to business being smart about every move you make. This is why Debra’s article is timely and why it led me to this blog post today.

Article Marketing

It’s cheap. Takes time to create the article, but there are a ton of article sites where a company can post. We use a site where you can pay a quarterly fee, but you get automated submission and despite a slow response time to occasional tech issues, we’ve seen decent results. Sure beats going out and finding all the sites yourself! If you want to submit one-by-one, you can find the entire list of sites they submit to on their site. Remember, articles need to sound professional. If you choose to post your blog posts, make sure you’re minimizing conversational writing. I fall into this myself more than I’d like. That’s what the age of instant messaging has done. If you want the name of the site, email me.

If it Blogs it Lives

Blog, blog, blog. There’s nothing that helps build trust in your particular community these days, like blogging. Of course everybody is doing it so you have to try and stand out. If you build your reputation through quality posts, you’re on your way to managing your online presence and this could lead to referrals. It doesn’t matter what your product is. This is a technique that is, again, mostly free (except that whole website cost etc…) and can get you and your company exposure. That leads to customers that trust you and buy your product. Again, you can also post your blog posts into the article marketing sites, given that you do a bit of content editing to fit the article site’s standards of submission.

Social Networking, Regular networking, Twitter-Do it all!


Viral videos are a great way to get exposure. I can’t tell you how many funny videos are out there that I’ve sent to a friend or have seen posted by someone on Facebook and shared etc. If you have a great presentation or a funny video showing off your product, chances are that you’ll get a link and definitely visits. It suits the lazy couch potato in me to watch a video on something I’m interested in rather than read. Sad, I know but it’s true. You have to take into account that, most often, you’re dealing with an audience that wants the scoop on your product and they want it now. Save the long presentations for more appropriate situations. Always keep in mind that the attention span of most people is close to nil these days. Oh and videos don’t cost all that much either.

Your Stitch in the Niche

As Debra reminds, find your niche and you’ll find great places to put your site’s information. In my search for directories, I’ve often found what Debra mentions in her article, which are directories listed in other directories. If you spend the time, you can find many places that, on the surface may seem like less than what they really are. There is a lot buried out there, if you just take the time to look.

…browse through the directories as you find them and search the directory categories; it’s common practice for directory owners to add their sites to other niche directories as a way to build backlinks… it’s important to look at everything as an opportunity. Every element of your site has potential to be used, shared, and linked to. By using the niche directories to promote your elements, you’ve grown your backlink profile and gotten deep links from a wide variety of sources.

Tools to Free You

If you’re worried about costly reporting software, there are a multitude of sites that can give you a picture of your site’s performance. I often refer to Ann Smarty in my blog posts because she has a good line on wallet-friendly tools. Here are some she’s suggested in the past:

Free backlink checkers:

Browser Add-Ons

Check your chosen browser for SEO add-on tools. They can also help complete the picture.

Stay Informed and Make Comments

Simple really. Make sure you’re reading your industry’s news and commenting all over the place. There are more and more dofollow blogs and I’ve heard the nofollow is dying in the sense that relevant comments and mentions happen on the nofollows because the spammers have nothing to gain; an interesting article. Don’t forget to read the comments, always good info and perhaps you have something to add. Most often, I find the comments and the different points made in them more compelling than the article. The article is the catalyst to the larger discussion. This is where you can really get to know who knows what and through that, you will get visitors to your site.

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