Sage Lewis Confirms: Linking Is About Good Relationships

By Catherine Potts | Aug 28, 2008
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Sage Lewis raised an excellent point in his post. How do we get the proper exposure with little overhead? Honestly there is so much written every day that it gets very old trying to figure out if anyone has actually come up with something new. So when the extra crap that we hear every day on the “Top Ten Ways to…. blah blah blah” is stripped off, it really does come down to the fact that building a relationship is how you get things done (where quality is the main concern). Plain and simple. This requires you to, as Sage says:

1. Care About Something Greater than Yourself

2. Care About the Person You Want a Link From

It’s the old “it’s who ya know” situation. If you take the time to get to know the people around you and the people who are where you want to be, you’ll get there too. Janet Driscoll Miller is the master when it comes to networking. Now I’m not saying this to brown nose (is it helping?) but one of the many things I’ve learned since knowing her (long before I started working for her company) is that she makes sure she stays connected to people she’s met, wherever she’s lived or worked. I’ve watched her serve her communities too. Without fail, those connections always pay off. It’s not that she’s really “using” them, it’s that she’s seeing the benefits (over and over) of staying in touch. It’s a complimentary relationship. That’s really what it’s about on the most simple of levels.

I think that’s what Sage Lewis is essentially getting at as well. The more you focus your efforts on building yourself in your career and caring about what you do and caring what those around you are doing, instead of focusing solely on the $$$$$, the better. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that without others, it’s awfully hard to succeed.

Gene Simmons (KISS for all you young’ins) is a guy who outwardly seems like he’s only out for the money. However, he makes sure to give back to the community and always remains humble about where he started. He literally wants to put the KISS logo on anything and everything and he’s succeeded at getting others to think they really do need to do it.

It’s through the trust of the brand that he’s established. He didn’t get there without a lot of hard work and figuring out who could help him and who he could trust. Again, he also has a healthy mixture of giving back to the troops and others in need. He’s also quite the networking guy.

Then again… if it’s just hard core links you need and you don’t have time to build relationships right now, head to the directory links. Search for them, find them. Insert your client into the best category. Do a lot of those links. Course, a combination of tactics is always good. You’ll get results (the quality could be considered lower than the aforementioned relationship links) and it can also be time consuming. Hey, what do you want? This is SEO. KISS also stands for “keep it simple stupid.”

Really focus your efforts on what you are capable of doing right now. Once you establish trust and notoriety, quality will follow. Keep it relevant, keep the content snappy and keep it above board.

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