#SaveEarl and The Reality of Real Time Search

By Tad Miller | May 21, 2009
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First off the “Rant”.  NBC has canceled my favorite TV Show “My Name is Earl“.  The absolute stupidity of such a move is completely unfathomable to me and someone at NBC should be fired for such a idiotic decision.  What are they going to replace it with? More Howie Do It?

I discovered this through Twitter and was horrified.  I quickly discovered there was already a Twitter Hash Tag #SaveEarl and immediately went to Twitterfall to see the avalanche of like minded people tweeting about NBC’s idiocy in making such a move.  Doing this was immediately a great source of links describing the whole sordid situation.

Fresh off the recent news that Google launched there own “Real Time” search features I immediately searched “My Name is Earl” and went to the new “Show Options” button in the upper left hand corner of the search page.  Doing this allows you to filter the search results for “Recent Results”, “Last 24 hours”, “Past Week” and “Past Year”.  So instead of seeing the NBC listing for the show’s website, I found much more relevant information for the time and place.

Doing this really made it hit home with how offering these kind of options will change search – at least from the stand point of news related search queries.  From the stand point of SEO getting higher real time results is different than optimizing for the “static” Google search results.  The only linking that will really impact real time results will be the viral links that happen in an instant.  Keyword selection is still very important and use of proper on page SEO tactics still applies.

Google has a long way to go with making these options as real time as twitter does with it’s search functionality.  Using an application like Twitterfall is a great way to watch all the well deserved abuse being heaped on NBC for it’s “Bad Karma” with Earl.  Just follow the hashtag #SaveEarl and sit back and enjoy.  Karma is a B*tch!

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