Sculpting a Successful Pay-Per Click Advertising Account

By Tad Miller | Aug 11, 2009
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Just a heads up for our regular subscribers.  On Thursday, August 13 at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time I will be presenting our latest webinar “Sculpting a Successful Pay-Per Click Advertising Account“.

You can sign up Here.

We have gotten so much positive feedback from our previous webinars about SEO, and this will be the first time we’ve presented about Pay Per Click Advertising.

We spend hour upon hour working on optimizing PPC advertising campaigns for our clients.  Our work can get pretty complex, but this webinar will cover a lot of what we consider to be the basics of how to manage PPC.

So get the benefit of our perspective, and experience in managing millions of dollars of PPC advertising for our clients.  We know we do things different, and we think do them better than a lot of other agencies and in-house advertisers.  We take over PPC accounts managed by other agencies or in-house departments all the time and usually see an almost immediate improvement in performance.

Why not see some of the reasons why?

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