Search Mojo Halloween Costume Contest

By Sarah Lokitis | Nov 2, 2011
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Search Mojo HalloweenDid you upload your Halloween costume to Facebook yet? According to Facebook, tons of people spend the days leading up to Halloween, the day of Halloween, and the day after Halloween sharing their costumes on Facebook.  In 2010, more than 1.2 billion photos were uploaded to Facebook in the days leading up to Halloween, on Halloween and the day after Halloween. I can only imagine that number has gone up for 2011. With so many costumes and social gatherings, Halloween presents many photo opportunities.

This year Search Mojo had a Halloween Costume Contest with a twist. The costume couldn’t be the typical witch, cat or pumpkin –  the costumes had to relate to search engine marketing. We were ready for that challenge and came to work dressed in our best search costumes! 


Ariele dressed up as a Twitter bird. The sparkles from her wings will be forever embedded into the carpet in our office. Follow @ArieleMcWhinney on Twitter!

twitter follower

Cady also took her costume in a social direction as a Twitter Follower. You can Follow her on Twitter @CadyCondyles.

Google Panda Update

Janet showed up as one of the Google Panda Updates!

Anchor Text

Jenny was anchor text! The text on her anchor was made up of industry terms.

Google Algorithm Costumes

Amanda, Avelyn, Lindsay, Lauren and myself dressed up as the Google Algorithm - "Al Gore Rhythm" - complete with the Google Caffeine (coffee mugs), Florida (sun visor) and Panda (Thanks Janet!) updates. We had Al Gore masks and carried maracas and tambourines for our "rhythm."

The Google “Al Gore Rhythm” costumes included an additional search engine optimization focus. Amanda was anchor text with an anchor belt and blue clickable text on her back that read “IDK My BFF Jill.” Avelyn wore giant backlinks. Lindsay was a keyword with a long tail, thus a long-tail keyword. Lauren had big sunglasses and a map on her front and back which made her a sitemap! I dressed up as a robots.txt file by wearing a robot costume with the Search Mojo robots.txt file printed on the front and back of my robot body. We even had images of spiders crawling on us!

Talk about intense search costumes! The costume contest was a great success – lots of fun and creativity! You can check out the rest of the photos and see how the voting went by visiting our Facebook Halloween photo album. I’d love to hear what you think about our costumes. Did you like them? Any suggestions for us for next year? Comment below, find me on Twitter @Lokitis, or find me on Google+ +Sarah Lokitis.

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