SEO Strategy for Clients Who Have High Google Rankings

By Avelyn Austin | Jan 28, 2009
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Every SEO client is different.  Some request Search Mojo’s help because they don’t rank for any keywords relevant to their business or their products.  Obtaining high Google rankings for these clients is always an exciting challenge to tackle.  On the other end of the spectrum, some clients seek Search Mojo’s SEO services even though they already hold high Google rankings for what seems like all relevant terms!  Helping these clients is equally challenging.

When a client already has high Google rankings for even broad relevant terms you, as an SEO expert, have to dig deeper.  Here’s how:

  • Perform Keyword Research: Determine what keywords people would search on if they didn’t know the name of your client’s business.  If your client’s business is a place to visit, like a tourist attraction, try expanding on the location or city where it is located.
  • Assess Your Client’s Inbound Links: If your client already has high Google rankings, chances are they have a high number of inbound links as inbound links are a dominant part of Google’s algorithm.  Inbound links, however, are only as strong as their anchor text (the blue “clickable” text).  Determine the anchor text of your client’s current links and then build additional links with anchor text containing keywords that your client does not already rank for.
  • Add Keyword Density: By editing the content of your client’s site to include specific keywords you will not only protect their current rankings from competitors entering the marketplace, you will create new opportunities for them to achieve high Google rankings for even broader keywords that may not have been associated with your client’s business in the past.

The key is to look beyond the client’s name and products to determine strategic SEO keywords to focus on.  If you think your client has high Google rankings for everything, chances are you’re not looking hard enough.

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