#seo411 Recap: Digital Asset Optimization #DAO

By Avelyn Austin | Jun 8, 2010
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Tuesday, Search Mojo hosted this week’s #seo411 Twitter chat session, Digital Asset Optimization (#DAO). Last week we discussed SEO with a focus on SEO for PDFs. We want to thank all of our #seo411 participants for the great discussion surrounding Learning SEO. These chat sessions wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you guys! Here’s a quick recap of what went down Tuesday afternoon.

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Q1: Do you currently optimize your digital assets as a supplement to SEO? (Ex: Videos, Images, PDFs etc.)

All participants said that they were optimizing their digital assets in one way or another.

Q2: Do you track search performance for digital assets?

Although it may have been difficult to track search performance of digital assets in the past, there are some great tools coming out. @SearchMojo employees are now using Advanced Web Rankings to track them.

Want a free 30-day trial? Check out: http://www.advancedwebranking.com/download.html

Q3: Why do you think digital asset optimization is important? If you don’t think it is – why?

As expected, all participants agreed that digital asset optimization is important. A quote that was re-tweeted multiple times was:

“If it can be searched on, it can be optimzed” (@TopRank)

Q4: What digital assets are you optimizing?

Digital assets mentioned included:

  • Press Releases
  • Article Submissions
  • White Papers
  • Images
  • PDFs
  • Videos
  • Audio

Q5: Did we forget to mention any? What other assets that could be optimized for search?

@ReneeRevetta Suggested RSS and Flash which should definitely be optimized. Flash assets should especially be optimized as the search engine robots can not read Flash. One way to optimize Flash is to use < no script > tags.

Q6: What are the benefits of digital asset optimization?

As with most optimization efforts, a benefit of digital asset optimization is getting a link back to your site with the desired anchor text (this improves not only your link quantity, but your link quality as well).

Other benefits include:

  • Helping your ranking in digital asset search engines like Google Images and Google Videos
  • Increasing site traffic via links pointing from the digital assets to the site
  • And finally from @kaitlyn07 “Different digital assets may also appeal to different kinds of customers. Whitepapers may be attractive to people high in sales funnel”

Q7: What’s the most valuable asset to optimize for? Video, whitepapers, press releases?

Many of the participants agreed that press releases may be the most valuable asset to optimize for as they may be distributed to various sites with controlled anchor text which allows you to get links with the best anchor text pointing back to your site.

Q8: Any helpful tools for #DAO of videos, images, audio?

@Jstatad responded with the sad news for this question, “Unfortunately no. Old fashioned lists of good places to submit digital assets & manual submission is usually necessary.”

**If you know of any tools for #DAO we’d love to hear from you within the comments section below or join us for next week’s Twitterchat.

Q9: Anyone know of any #DAO tools for PDFs, whitepapers?

Again none of the participants were able to recommend any tools for DAO. If you know of any please leave a comment below.

Q10: What was this week’s biggest takeaway?

The biggest takeaway was unanimous this week: “Almost everyone has some Digital Assets. Do a little extra work and make them work for your SEO.” (via @Jstatad).
Thanks again to all of our followers who help make our #seo411 chats successful! I hope everyone will spread the word and join us next Tuesday (6/15/10) at 2pm ET for our next chat session: #seo411: SEO Google vs. Bing.

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