#seo411 Recap: Effective SEO Measurement

By Amanda Sides | May 4, 2010
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Last Tuesday, Search Mojo hosted our weekly #seo411 Twitter chat session, this one on Effective SEO Measurement. A few weeks ago, we discussed SEO with a focus on website content. We want to thank all of our #seo411 participants for the great discussion surrounding How Social Media Affects SEO. These chat sessions wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you guys! Here’s a quick recap of what went down last Tuesday.

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Q1: What types of tools do you like to measure SEO rankings?

Link Diagnosis
Google Analytics
Yahoo! Site Explorer
Advanced Web Ranking
Market Samurai
Link Assistant

Q2: Other than the rankings themselves, what else do you think measures SEO success?
Some only measure success by looking at where they rank on SERPs, but many look at a few other factors to measure their SEO efforts as well. A spike in site traffic, measuring converting traffic, most popular anchor text, and a low bounce rate were all mentioned as ways to see how successful your SEO efforts are. Usually an increase in rankings will result in a spike in traffic, but you need to measure to be sure it is converting well; a jump in traffic that is junk will not be beneficial.

Q3: What role do you think analytics data plays in SEO measurement?
The two major things you should be measuring via analytics data are how much traffic does organic bring in, and does it convert? Analytics is crucial to be able to analyze and improve your SEO results.

Q4: Do you have a formal SEO report for clients or your company?
A resounding “yes” was the immediate response from all the participants. If you don’t report results to your clients or managers, how would they know how they are benefitting from your efforts? “Any agency worth their salt does.” -@janesvilleseo

Q5: How often do you think you should measure SEO rankings?
This question had a lot more variance to the responses than the last question. The general consensus was that you should at bare minimum measure rankings once per month, while a few thought weekly was sufficient. If you have major changes in play, then daily reports to monitor rankings may be necessary.

Q6: Do you compare historical rankings to see trends? If so, how far back (ex. 3 months)?
You should be comparing current rankings to past ones, because most likely the client will not remember last month’s data, much less data from past quarters, or last year. Comparing with past rankings gives you and your client a good idea of what progress has been made over time.

Q7: Do you also measure the rankings of competitors?
You absolutely should be if you aren’t already. You should be tracking market competitors as well as competitors in search rankings. These could be two separate groups. This will help you find competitors in the online space that you would not have initially known about. It’s a good way to benchmark and compare your progress against the rest of your industry.

Q8: Do you account for Google datacenters having different rankings?
Yes, by correctly setting client expectations that search engine rankings are taken at a “snapshot” in time, and also monitoring competitor activity, you can account for different data centers.

Q9: Do your clients care more about rankings or traffic?
This depends on the client and what their goals are. You shouldn’t guarantee higher traffic for your clients, but typically a higher ranking means an increase in traffic. “Some do care about ranking well on ‘vanity terms’ too.” – @kaitlyn07

Q10: What other SEO topics would you like us to cover?
Please send us SEO topics or questions that you’d like us to address in future #seo411 chats. Send your ideas to the Twitter handle @SearchMojo and use the hashtag #seo411.


Thanks again to all of our followers who help make our #seo411 chats successful! I hope everyone willspread the word and join us next Tuesday (5/11/10) at 2pm ET for our next chat session: #seo411: SEO for Press Releases.

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