#seo411 Recap: Google Caffeine Update

By Paige Payne | Jul 7, 2010
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Our most recent #seo411 Twitter chat session discussed the features of the new Google search algorithm, Caffeine, and its effects on SEO. Here’s a review of what we talked about in case you couldn’t make it.

Special thanks to @tim_eschenauer, @MediaCollective, @seoinnovators, @inflatemouse, @keywebconcepts, @sullivan_s, @AvelynAustin, @janetdmiller, @Jstatad, @ReneeRevetta, @Kaitlyn07 for contributing their SEO knowledge to this week’s chat.

Q1: How would you summarize the key features of Google Caffeine?

Caffeine, after its big debut, appears to be mostly about faster indexing. Freshness matters. Google realizes this and essentially had to come up with a way to index faster. Caffeine, the faster indexing system, is also supposed to have more storage capacity for more content.

Q2: How do you think Caffeine has changed SEO?

There is a greater emphasis on social media. SEO is not just about the basics anymore. You have to produce news and keep an eye out for trends.  Having fresh blog content & social sharing help.

Q3: Have you seen any ranking fluctuations since the launch of Caffeine? How might Caffeine (in)directly affect rankings?

We’ve seen more press releases in the first page of rankings since Caffeine launched.  It’s important to be clear that Caffeine doesn’t directly affect the ranking algorithm, but it can affect what content shows in SERPS.  Since freshness is a big factor of Caffeine, sites now have a better shot at ranking well (and fast) for trending topics.

Q4: Do you feel social media plays a larger or smaller role in SEO because of Caffeine?

Yes, social is more important now and it’s only going to get bigger. Social Graph Metrics will play a bigger role going forward: http://bit.ly/6aZTTE. Google uses social media is help identify hot topics.

Q5: Which social sites will have the biggest effect on organic rankings within Google Caffeine?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn company profiles, blogs, Google profiles, and Google Buzz.

Q6: How has Caffeine changed your SEO process, if at all yet?

Since Caffeine, we are publishing more blogs and involve more brand monitoring, industry monitoring and social media monitoring.

Q7: How should you edit your site to rank best within Google Caffeine?

Add the social aspect to your current strategy and stick to SEO best practices. Use news to your advantage by responding quickly to news in your industry. Have a blog, do press releases, and don’t forget about social sharing.

Q8: Do you think Google’s faster speed in providing search results will affect search behavior?

People will pay more attention to the date associated with content.  To what degree this will affect search behavior is unknown.

Q9: Have you noticed more relevant results for searches on trending topics under Google Caffeine?

There are more news and media results; however, these results are not always up to date. Real-time search is not Caffeine. But Caffeine does seem to be showing real time results more often.

Q10: How can you be sure if a search query is indeed a trending (QDF) topic?

In addition to using trending topics on Twitter, Google Insights for Search can help identify if a search query is indeed trending.  Check Google Insights daily for your brand, competitors, and SEO keywords of focus.

Q11: What implications do you see Google Caffeine having on SEO strategy?

No change, Caffeine simply justifies that Social needs to be a component of SEO strategy.


Haven’t quite got your Google Caffeine fix? Be sure to sign up for our How To Do SEO for Google Caffeine webinar on Thursday, July 8, at 4:00 PM EDT.

Also, be sure to join us next Tuesday July13, 2010 at 2pm ET for #seo411: SEO Technical Roadblocks found on our #seo411 Twitter chat schedule.

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