#seo411 Recap: How Website Links Affect SEO

By Amanda Sides | Apr 16, 2010
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Tuesday, Search Mojo hosted this week’s #seo411 Twitter chat session, How Website Links Affect SEO. Last week we discussed SEO with a focus on website content. We want to thank all of our #seo411 participant for the great discussion surrounding How Website Links Affect SEO. These chat sessions wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you guys! Here’s a quick recap of what went down Tuesday afternoon.

Q1: What do you think makes a quality link for #SEO?
Quality links are said to not be paid or reciprocal, contain targeted anchor text, are deep linked to the most relevant page of content, and are of course, not nofollow links.

Q2: Do you think the PageRank of a page where a link originates is important?
There was a trend towards the opinion that PageRank does not have any effect on SERP rankings. There seems to be a general consensus that there is no evidence to prove it has any effect, but most still say they look for links with a higher PageRank, and put the focus on quality links over PageRank.

Q3: How many links do you need to rank highly in the rankings?
Quality vs. Quantity comes to mind here. Quality trumps quantity. A handful of high quality links are more beneficial than a lot of links that have mediocre or low quality.

Q4: What’s more important: content or links?
For Google, high quality links are more important than content, and for Yahoo and Bing content is weighed more heavily. Content and links go hand-in-hand, however… having targeted content will give your links more traction. If you have great content, but no links to your site, the content is less likely to be seen!

Q5: Where do you find links?
Many SEOers suggested looking at the competition, of course after checking the couch, dark corners without much light, and Wal-Mart…

Q6: Do you use link bait? Was it successful?
Successful link bait should be a useful tool and target to what you do. Make sure you offer value to the user; it can have great results if done correctly.

Q7: What makes successful link bait?
Your message should match the content where the user lands. Must get relevant anchor text, otherwise it’s not that beneficial.

Q8: What do you think about using paid links for SEO?
Although paid links are frowned upon, they are not all bad; links should be about more than simply SEO – does it drive good traffic? There are so many ways to go after free, relevant, quality links, you shouldn’t have to focus your efforts on paid links.

Q9: Do you think engines penalize for too many links built in a short timeframe?
It’s seen by Google as a big “red flag” if too many links are built at once, especially if they all have the exact same anchor text. You want to have time as a factor in your link building equation, and appear to gain links naturally.

Q10: How do you measure your link building success?
Anything from position, to traffic changes and conversions can be a good indication of how your link building efforts are working. You can look at link count combined with upward search engine movement as well.

Q11: What tools do you use to help coordinate your link efforts?
The following tools were mentioned:

Thanks again to all of our followers who help make our #seo411 chats successful! I hope everyone will spread the word and join us next Tuesday (4/20/10) at 2pm ET for our next chat session: #seo411: How Social Media Affects SEO.

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