SESNY 2011 | Twitter 2.0: Creating & Distributing the Message

By Justin Champion | Mar 23, 2011
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Twitter has become a social powerhouse – it’s one part social networking, one part social searching, and all parts social media marketing. You have the followers, now you need the results. This session provides some tools and tactics on using Twitter to its full potential.

Speakers in this session include:

Don’t just tweet for Tweet’s sake!

“We’re not a Twitter 1.0 anymore.” (Thomases)

“Nobody wants to know what you had for breakfast,” Thomases started off with. Give value (information, promotion,etc) to your audience.

How to attract an audience
  • Advocate something/someone
  • Newsworthy tidbits
  • Advice (have a question? Tweet about it!)
  • Praise others
Tweets that get reactions
  • Pose questions
  • Critic reviews
  • Messages involving multiple Tweeps (your friend)
  • Broader discussion/use of hashtags

Tweets that get shared

  • Quotes
  • Retweets with more content
  • Links to content via shortened URLs
Enhance your Tweets with
  • Video (Youtube)
  • Audio (podcast)
  • Photos (Twittpics)
  • Contests, Coupons, invites…
  • Chat (Tweetchat)
  • Music (TweetFM)
  • 140+ tweets (Twittlonger)

Distributing the message

  • Be goal focused
  • Define ideal follower/following
  • Credit, create and engage
  • Helpful tools (Tweep Search, Twitter Search, FrienderFollow, DoesFollow)


Via lists:

  • Twitter Lists
  • Listorious
  • FormuLists
  • Twibes

Via clients & collaborative tools:

  • MediaFunnel
  • HootSuite
  • Co-Tweet
  • Schedule Tweets for a specific time
  • Push into other social networks (Though, not very professional)


  • Widgets
  • Sharing (“Tweet This” button)
  • “Follow Me” CTA buttons
  • Twitterfeed
  • Auto-tweets from other social platforms

Measure ROI

  • Change in followers over time
  • Content that attracts followers
  • Klout score
  • Referral traffic to website
  • Specific actions attributed to Twitter

Best practices

  • Don’t just put Twitter on “autopilot”
  • Setting daily/weekly tweet goals
  • Keep self-promotion/spam to an absolute minimum
  • Use tools to help build relationships
  • Monitor, LISTEN & stay informed (know what people are saying about your brand)

Creating and distributing the message (You can’t handle social media) (Gray)

What businesses REALLY want out of Twitter:

  • Current customer engagement
  • Content marekting
  • Lead generation
  • Customer service

Q. Who do you want to follow you on Twitter?

You can’t build a meaningful relationship with 30,000 people. That being said, it’s the number following not the number of followers that matter!

Q. How do you create a Twitter profile that people want to follow?

Find a semi-automated way to do it – use a real person, but use tools to help them get the message out.

Q. What makes a good Twitter account?

  • Be a curator
  • Be social
  • Be helpful
  • Broadcast (smallest part of account)
  • NEVER be SELF-SERVING (It’s ALL about everyone else)

Automate and schedule

  • Use RSS to set up a body of interesting information you can easily scan for quality content
  • Schedule these links throughout the day/week/month
  • Use things like photo of the day

Fake Twitter profiles

  • Sometimes you need fake profiles because nobody likes an SEO
  • Use them just to flesh out the role accounts (Be the ugly step sister, not Cinderella)
  • Treat fake accounts like kites when something goes wrong (cut them loose and let them fly)

Make your Twitter profile interesting and push out your information during prime time!

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