SMX East: Schema 201

By Jessica Davidson | Oct 4, 2012
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Schema markup has been a particular interest of mine to research and employ in our clients SEO efforts. Since I already have a base knowledge of the basics of Schema (see my past blog posts: How to Implement Into Your SEO Efforts Part 1 & Part 2), I decided to bypass the Schema 101 session and attend the more advanced Schema course. During this session, Benu Aggarwal, Paul Bruemmer, and Jonathan Goodman dive into why you should use Schema markup and how to achieve positive SEO results.

Benu Aggarwal, President and Founder, Milestone Internet Marketing (@milestonemktg)

With schema, I feel like I have taken the approach of incorporating schema markup around the page’s existing content. Benu Aggarwal offers an alternative perspective of optimizing your site to incorporate Schema markup. Based on this perspective, Benu provides a process for successfully implementing Schema markup into your website:

  1. Determine which Schema objects are applicable to your website
  2. Create a blueprint indicating where Schema objects go and what properties and information are needed
  3. Do NOT just give the Schema code to your developers to apply to the current site. Work with your designers, content writers, and developers to change around the page’s content to include all needed schema object properties and code. A simple change in design and content goes a long way.

Upon implementing Schema markup using the process above, the following results occurred:

  • Bounce rate decreased because searchers were directed to more relevant pages
  • Unique page views increased
  • Long tail conversion increased for all internal pages

Why use Schema markup?

  • Search engines better understand this markup & know how to aggregate the content for better user experience
  • Increase in organic search traffic for websites utilizing microdata
  • Increased CTR on organic listings using this markup

“Semantic SEO is now an SEO Best Practice.” 

-Paul Bruemmer (@PaulBruemmer)

There’s more to come here at SMX East (#smx). Follow me on Twitter or add me on Google+ for more session coverage.

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