SMX Toronto: The Big Google Kitchen Sink

By Sarah Lokitis | Apr 25, 2012
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SMX TorontoNow it’s time for the Big Google Kitchen Sink Panel to learn how to better survive Google Algorithm changes. …And we’re back to debating that SEO is not dead, yet. As Google seems to be constantly changing and adjusting the algorithm, it gives us search marketers something to focus on and work to understand. Now that results are more personalized and localized, we need to think more about the user and how to better serve the customer.

Ken Dobell of DAC Group starts off with big picture ideas. He recommends that you stop chasing algorithms and create a better user experience with highly accessible content. Your content should be relevant for each target audience and be ready and scaled for search engines. What kinds of queries do we deserve to be a part of within search results?

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey that most adult search engine users say the relevance and quality of results are improving over time. But are they actually just searching better? Dobell offers that users are searching more granularly and cites that according to Google, 1 billion searches per day are longer than 4 words.

Aaron Bradley of InfoMine, Inc. recommends taking an agile approach for SEO as best practices are transitory. What you did last year probably won’t be the same strategy you use this year. While we can’t know exactly what Google will do next, he recommends staying tune to online trends to attempt to predict what may happen in the future.

If your site was penalized, is Google just undergoing a test or is there something you are doing wrong that could have been avoided? Google will reward you for removing duplicate content, creating quality social and mobile content, along with staying up on trends and responding to those changes.

Duran Inci doesn’t like to be hit by Pandas. And he teaches us how to create a Panda proof strategy. Side note: I think it stinks that Pandas have a bad rep. in the online marketing world. They are pretty cute creatures.

To avoid Panda attacks, create quality and in-depth power articles to solve problems for the users. Fresh, quality content, in addition to promotion through social media can help your content jump ahead in search. A dynamic sitemap is essential to make sure your updated content is noticed. Keep updating content that you rank for – Inci recommends doing so every 45 days.

Ryan Jones of Sapientnitro is optimistic about Pandas, in fact, he thinks they are cute and fluffy animals.  When a site suffers, another site wins. If spammy competitors are gone, and you are positioned with good, respectful SEO, you can be a winner!

A great SEO optimizes where Google is going, now where it is now. Instead of saying, make me rank for XYZ, think like a user, what does a user want to see when they search for that term?

Regular uses Google like this: [insert screenshot of "How do I Google"] in the Google search bar. Check out those suggested searches. hah! I love those searches. Jones says create unique content and take advantage of the Schema tags. It will draw users attention because of the immediate added value.

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