SMX Toronto: Link Building and Why You’re Doing It Wrong

By Sarah Lokitis | Apr 25, 2012
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Link building is still extremely important, but has morphed into an entirely different animal. It is a fundamental building block to SEO, but what else can you do or do differently to be more effective?

Dave McAnally of Resolution Media leads the session stating that page authority and link volume don’t predict rank or take into effect personalized search or social media sharing. Google search results will never be the same – there is no canonical search result.

Identify the audience you are targeting and identify what websites hold affinity to our audience to start your link building effort. If your users or the people who you want to use your site are reading other blogs or publications, get your brand mentioned and linked in those places. Use AdPlanner to research where these sites are located.

This will build better referral traffic and will be an effective link building effort to build links for users not spiders. This is a great way to not be penalized for over-SEO. The links will be organic and Google will see that.

Rae Hoffman-Dolan is next up. I saw her speak at SMX East last September, so I’m interested to see if there are any new insights. She asked not to be live blogged, so I’ll respect her request.

….you should have come to SMX Toronto, there was some great info in there! J

Erin Everhart finished up the panel with a great presentation. I loved the images and layout of the presentation! The wet cat image for the “how most pitches make bloggers feel” slide was perfect.

Everhart recommends using social media to make connections with bloggers before moving to email. She encourages that pitches are noticeable and to the point. Are you going to use your agency email or a client email?

Everhart encouraged searching for bloggers in a new way by searching on LinkedIn for title and location. Sometimes you can’t find contact addresses on the website, so LinkedIn can help you find real peoples name within the company you would like to pitch.

On Twitter, Listorious is a great way to look for people who may write about your content. Use Twitter first too for contacting blogger because it’s much easier to respond to a tweet than your e-mail.

What link building tactics do you use? Have you tried any of these tactics and what is working best for you?

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