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By Renee Revetta | Sep 20, 2011
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In honor of Social Media Week, here’s a little update on what’s been happening on the Twitter front. Some tidbits about name squatting, social media policies and Twitter Terms of Service follow.

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You probably know about the recent Netflix ordeal. Honestly, the Oatmeal comic sums up the whole debacle pretty clearly: Why Netflix is splitting itself in two. Anyway, here enters Qwikster. The Twitter handle of Netflix’s new product is already occupied - @Qwikster created his account at the end of April 2011. Now, the man behind the account, Jason Castillo is apparently attempting to get some cash in exchange for the Twitter handle, as reported by Gizmodo. But because of Twitter’s Terms of Service this is not likely to pan out for Mr. Castillo. Just in case you should need them:

We’ve always advised our clients to create accounts just to claim their brand names on social platforms. If you’ve yet to claim accounts for your company, you might want to do so.

Let this be a lesson for any company (that plans to be present on Twitter) that is planning a product release. 

Also, a quick SEO sidenote – I’m seeing the @Qwikster Twitter handle rank at position 2 on Google for “Qwikster”…Probably not what Netflix would prefer as the #2 spot on their new product name.

Another major brand, ESPN has taken a step backwards – prohibiting ESPN reporters from breaking news on Twitter first. Reporters now have to wait, according to the new social media policy until the news has been released officially via press conferences, TV or the digital newsroom. An interesting post about the topic is over at Zombie Journalism. A few lessons on this one:

  1. It’s hard to go back once your employees have freedom on social media profiles.
  2. This is why it’s so important to carefully plan and decide upon a social media policy.
  3. If you don’t have a social media policy and any of your employees have ANY social media profiles, you should probably look into it.

To keep updated on what’s happening at the official Social Media Week, check out their post, Social Media Week Day 1 Rewind.

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