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By Renee Revetta | Jul 14, 2010
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Are you a Gmail user? Do you update your chat status with your innermost feelings and funny stories thinking just your chat buddies are seeing your updates? Well if you have a Buzz profile, you might just be sharing those updates with the public.

Read on to see if you have your settings in check.

Once you’re logged into Gmail, click on the Buzz link on the left navigation. If you don’t see a Buzz link then you’re in the clear and most likely are not sharing your updates with the whole world :)

Click on connected sites, or if you don’t see that option, click on Settings, Buzz, then View and edit under Your connected sites.

At this point, you can decide if you’d like your status updates to be private (to your chat contacts only) or public.

While you’re at it, go back to the main Buzz page and click on Edit to review your Google Profile. Checking it out and updating it every now and again isn’t a bad idea. If you want your content to have a further reach in social search, make sure to add links to all of your social profiles to optimize your social circle.


Upon logging into Buzz this morning, I found that there is now an option to allow your posts, likes and comments to be shown on your profile. You can select if you’d rather keep the tabs visible to the public or private.

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