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By Catherine Potts | Jul 27, 2007
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Aaron Wall of discusses ways to determine if your links are bringing value. He also mentions little “tricks” for testing out whether or not your tactics are working:

How to Determine if a Link Passes Reputation / Authority / Equity / Juice / etc…

Some links that may help in moderation may hurt your site if you are too aggressive with them (i.e. building too many links too quickly from low trust sources). Also, links that help a high authority site may not help a smaller and newer site as much as they helped the older and more trusted site. As a site ages its link profile can get a bit dirtier without as much potential risk.

Eric Enge of Search Engine Watch touches on the ongoing link building process in his article Link Building is a Permanent Investment, keeping content new and never allowing your website to become too stale and stagnate that the rankings drop as time passes:

I occasionally end up speaking with webmasters who thing of link building as an activity that you do for a while, and then you stop, or slow down. It’s a mistake, and it’s not one that you want to make. It’s important to view link building as a permanent investment in your web based business. There are many reasons for this, but the most basic of them is that your competition is most likely continuing to add links.

Jermaine over at Trinity Seven posted a great article on anyalyzing link building movement and the benefits of each type of link building. As is always the case, getting links with trusted sites with high page rank, is the goal:

One portion of contemplation: When you submit your site information in link form, make sure your anchor text (the clickable part) is one of the keywords you are trying to get your site ranked for. What you are telling the search engines is that the destination of the url is about whatever the text link was. So, if your text link says “software”, the search engine would expect that page to be about Software.

I’ve had the intention for awhile now to discuss SEO “speak” and what all the various SEO lingo is (and if by chance… learn stuff in the process) Dr Dave on SEOMoz gives us a detailed list of SEO lingo this week. He beat me to it! Here is a smattering that applies to the series of articles today:

link juice-trust, authority, pagerank

link popularity-a measure of the value of a site based upon the number and quality of sites that link to it

link -An element on a web page that can be clicked on to cause the browser to jump to another page or another part of the current page.

nofollow-A command found in either the HEAD section of a web page or within individual link code, which instructs robots to not follow either any links on the page or the specific link. A form of link condom.

Well that’s it for now… see you next week!

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