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By Catherine Potts | Feb 8, 2008
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Do Directory Submissions Still Hold Any Value?

How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google? How Many Hours do I Have to Work Each Day?

A great post that asks (and answers) how much effort it takes to rank a website. Granted there is never an absolute answer, but this is a pretty good guide on how to attack it.

Aaron Wall over at SEObook wrote:

How many hours of work will it take?
I have ranked sites on 5 hours of work, and I have put hundreds of hours of work into sites that do not rank as well as I want them to.

* How hard are your competitors working? If you are unsure track their current link count and their link growth. Also look for signs of public relation and the quality level of their inbound links.
* How big is their head start?
* How much are they investing?
* Are there ideas they forgot to focus on?
* Is your brand more focused than their brand?
* How much risk are you willing to take?
* Are competitors weighed down by bureaucracy?
* Are you more passionate about your topic than the leading websites? Eventually people will discover that, especially if you are not afraid to market yourself.

Depending on how much competition there is for your product, that will determine the level of difficulty in overcoming competitors. A fairly obvious observation I guess.

Should You Let Sam’s Club Be Your SEO Company?

Scott Buresh discusses why he thinks that Sam’s Club SEO isn’t the worst thing to happen to SEO. In fact, he thinks that by having more of a mainstream corporation advertising SEO services, that it can only help our industry.

…If you don’t have the time to do it manually and you don’t have the budget to hire a search engine optimization company, paying $25 a month for a company to handle the submission to the local search sites isn’t a terrible deal…”

…”The problem with this offering is that it is rather limited in scope, focused only on local search initiatives for local businesses. Because it is more common for people to use the general search engines over the local search engines, this may not bring in a large volume of new business….”

While he cites both positives and negatives, he shows that if you’re just looking for more localized results, then perhaps this more affordable tactic is for you. He reminds us that it is no replacement for good old hard and experienced work of a legitimate SEO who wanders around the SEO world with regularity.

Top Ten Online Marketing Tactics

Lee Odden over at Top Rank Blog ran a poll to see what online marketing tactics will be most utilized in 2008. The results? Well, blogging was #1 with 25% of the votes.

More than 100 people took part in the poll so that’s about 1/4 of the people polled who will use blogging over search engine optimization (14%) which was #2. The remainder of the results are as follows:

We’ll keep the poll running for another week or so, but here are the top ten tactics rankings so far out of 35 listed and the percentage of votes for each:
3.) Email marketing (12%)
4.) Pay per click (8%)
5.)Blogger relations (6%)
6.)Online public relations (5%)
7.)Viral marketing (5%)
8.)Corporate web site (4%)
9.)Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) (4%)
10.)Webinars/Teleconference (3%)

You can take the poll here if you would like to have your opinion heard.

It’s not surprising that blogging has taken over on the best way to market your business with SEO falling in second.

I would have to say that out of the list, article marketing is something that is missing that has worked pretty well for one of our clients. I certainly agree with some of the comments on the site that feel the list is not necessarily spot on, but blogging is huge these days so it’s really taken over as a great way to get the word out about your company or product online. The greater the “expert” you are the better the exposure for your blog and product.

Sphinn has exploded as one of the most visible sites for social networking. Marios Alexandrou compiled information about the blog sites who went “hot” the most on Sphinn. The results are not shocking with a result of 25% being from just 10 sites. Of course, those sites include Search Engine Land, SEOmoz, SEO Roundtable and Search Engine Guide with over half of the sites results coming from 50 or more bloggers. Now to break the top ten…

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