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By Catherine Potts | Jul 12, 2007
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When working for an SEO company, or in the online industry in general, reading is a big part of the job. So I’ve decided that I’m going to share various articles that I feel are important to pass on and that I cannot improve on.


I will keep writing my own articles but I think there is something valuable about our online community passing on things we feel are relevant.

Exploiting Your Current Backlinks and Link Referrals

Justilien Gaspard discusses how understanding the value of the current backlinks to a given website helps focus future efforts in link building.

A Brisket Case Study Of Buzz Marketing
Dean Hunt of discusses his case study of buzz marketing. I couldn’t resist passing on this quote, I think it more than applies and is quite cute:

To me, viral marketing is like a great big field with two cows… these two cows are your viral content. If the content is good enough, the cows will have baby cows, and with time, they will also have babies. A successful viral campaign is when all of the field (the Internet), is filled with cows (links).

How to Speak English when Discussing SEO
A good discussion (from late June, sorry :/) regarding the language of SEO. It’s true, I’ve had family or friends that do not get what I’m talking about and so to put it into simple terms can be tough. Rmccarley breaks down what goes on in SEO.

Well just these three articles will keep you busy for a little bit. Have fun and feel free to let me know if you have any tidbits or funnies to pass on.

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