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By Lauren Kade | Sep 27, 2011
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As part of my foray into the Microsoft adCenter world, I took the adCenter Accredited Professional Exam.  And I passed!  Do you want to join me in becoming a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional?  Well, here’s what you need to know:

The Basics:

  • 100 Questions
  • 1 1/2 hours (it’s timed, there’s a running timer at the top, and you can’t pause and come back)
  • questions are multiple choice as well as some point and click on a diagram questions
  • you can mark questions for review, and see them all in the summary at the end

Study Materials

You only get an hour and a half to answer 100 questions, so be prepared!  Microsoft adCenter has video training tutorials available online.  In my experience, I am very familiar with Google but have only been working in adCenter for a little over a month.  I watched all of the training tutorials and passed just fine!  But don’t go in cold – some of the questions are pretty specific (i.e. where would you click in order to do XYZ).

Before You Start

Things to do if you don’t have them set up already.  Many thanks to fellow blogger Amanda Chaney for helping me figure this out!

Google vs. Bing Tests

Coming from Google’s test, I was worried about only having an hour and a half to finish, but I found that was plenty of time to answer everything and still have time to review questions I marked.  I found the Bing questions more basic (what is x?) compared to more in-depth questions in the Google exam that took longer to think through.   That being said, since I’m so used to Google, Bing often seems confusing or counter-intuitive to me, so I still found the exam pretty hard.  For the study materials, I preferred reading Google’s text because I found the MSN videos rushed through the info too fast, but it certainly sped up the studying process!

The bottom line is, if you study you should be fine.  And even if you fail, it’s only $15 to take it again!  Interested in taking the Google Advertising Exam?  Check out my post on “Taking the Search Advertising Advanced Exam.”  Have you taken the Bing exam?  What was your experience like?

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