Thank You to Mrs. Danny Sullivan

By Janet Driscoll Miller | May 6, 2007
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As Danny Sullivan’s time with Incisive Media draws to a close and he continues to build his new venture, Search Engine Land and Search Marketing Expo, I wanted to take a moment to send a public thank you to Mrs. Danny Sullivan. While she was at SES NYC, I didn’t get a chance to thank her personally, so here goes.

 As a wife and mother myself, I know it can be really difficult to manage it all by yourself. And I can only imagine how much Danny travels — it must be crazy. And living in England, the travel back and forth to the U.S. must be really exhausting and time consuming. But your support has allowed Danny to help build up a whole industry.

 So, Mrs. Danny Sullivan, THANK YOU. You’ve allowed an entire industry, including myself, to learn and grow through all of the conferences, newsletters, websites, podcasts, etc. that Danny has created. While we all obviously thank Danny for his work, there’s also a supportive family behind the man, and we should appreciate that and your sacrafices as well.

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