The Curious SEO: Twitter Me Involved

By Catherine Potts | May 19, 2008
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I’ve recently started to incorporate Twitter into my day. I know, I’m late for the train. Right now, Twitter creeps me out a bit. I see half conversations of people I only know through reputation in the SEO community (half because I don’t always know to whom they’re chatting since I’m not in the “in crowd”). In addition, I don’t know everyone following me. Usually, that’s called stalking. However, in this case it’s essential to follow every move of the brilliance, right? (and I don’t mean my brilliance either-Oh it’s there… waiting to surface). In this industry the answer to that is YES. Which I’m totally cool with because my knowledge only has one direction it can go, and that’s up.

On Twitter, I’m following some people and even less are following me. To those who follow me, am I really that interesting? Conversely, do I really care that you’re at the store? I mean, do I really have the right to know if Jim Long is really having the crab cakes for lunch? Don’t get me wrong it totally feeds my voyeuristic need to know what’s going on with others at every moment of the day whether I know them or not. The technology is amazing too and it’s only going to get better so “YAY!” for that.

Courtesy: Optimize and Prophesize

Thing is, I can’t keep up. I’m boring. I have nothing to alert the masses about. I’m just sitting here doing my thing. I’m not experiencing anything particularly fantastic, except the fact that I’m gainfully employed (thanks for that btw Janet! I’m totally stoked) and the semester has ended so I can be a more social person. Let’s give that another “YAY!”

I also use Facebook. A neato site for B2B and ME2U or U2ME but I’m finding it difficult to really enjoy b/c of the requests from strangers to be their friend. I’ve made the mistake (and I’ve heard it from others) of accepting these request from strangers. They make me regret being open minded b/c the barrage of request to check out “cool new applications” gets obnoxious and as I read before and experienced later, the page in Facebook can get preTTy long with every new app. OH and the email alerts for the apps… wow. On the business end, connecting via Facebook with fellow SEOs is great. So I’ve ceased accepting friend requests from weirdos and I’m concentrating on what it’s really meant for, in my case SEO related connections-mostly. Scrabulous does happen though, but only with my peeps.

So it might appear that this post is just me complaining. Nope. It’s just me admitting that I need to be more involved, socially, within the SEO community. They’re not going to come to me so I have to go to them-more. Which brings us to a fantastic point class:

You better be out there writing, responding, reading (a lot), just being-more. If you’re not, it’s like you’ve never existed. Take it from me. Respect comes from exposure. If they don’t know about you, how can they respect you as an integral member of the society?

Here are some blogs I frequent. It’s not a new posting, but I hold on to it for easy access. One great site that is widely recognized and is awesomely successful is Dooce. Now this isn’t specifically an SEO blog but I like Heather Armstrong because this chick got it right. She applied all her talent and sarcasm to really build quite the “little” site. It also brings in a decent income for her family and that’s always great to see, let alone trying to pick apart how she made hers unique.

Being all about girl power (Go Janet!) I also frequent Sugarrae. She’s feisty and she knows the business and the people very well. In fact, she’s someone I’m following on Twitter and feel awkward about when I only see her half convos.

Last, but most certainly never least,Debra Mastaler (also following!), a lady worth listening to. She is the original linkinator and I am proud to say I know that a deer ate the peaches on her tree on May 11th and her feelings toward Bambi aren’t good. That’s intimate.

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