The Curious SEO Tidbits: Google Maps and SEO Workflow

By Catherine Potts | Jun 19, 2008
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Recently there has been a big controversy over Google’s streetview application. The main beef is that they’re invading privacy and trespassing on private property to take pictures of people’s houses or dwellings (beit condo etc…).

I guess in my mind I just figured it was an application that was for only good use (stupid me). And since I’m in the market to buy a home (eesh scary!) I use the application to virtually go and see if the neighborhood is a dump. Realtor’s use nice wide-angle lenses to make a place look especially good and so the app is a good way to kind of buck the system and save some of that precious gas.

Anyway, apparently now it’s being abused by users of Facebook to go and do something called “dipping” (not really an original word, but I put it in quotes for attribution’s sake). This is where people find, via Google’s satellite maps, those in their neighborhood who have pools in their backyards and then have parties.

They invite others via Facebook. DUH people! That’s illegal not to mention stupid! What’s especially sad is that the owner’s have to pay insurance based on the fact that a pool is called an “attractive nuisance.” So at what point are we going to see something bad happen and then a big court case follows to figure out who was at fault? Have some respect people! *sigh* Kids today…


Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing discusses SEO workflow and insists there is a specific way you should approach your SEO operation.

He lists out a basic workflow and it goes like this:

  1. Plan: meet with an SEO professional and have them show you how the SEO team should be involved.
  2. How it’s made: Choose the words people use to find you. We all know that search engines need to see your site, but how a customer searches for your business is key as well.
  3. Structure: make sure the tools on your site support SEO.
  4. Content, content, content: The content on your site needs to be worded as such to attract the attention of the guys that help sell your services, the search engines.
  5. Design: I’ve heard so many times in our company that people misdesign their site. What looks fantastic may not help yield the results you need. Everything matters and makes a difference.
  6. Let the pro have a looksee: if you allow the SEO professional to take a gander at what you’ve done before you launch, you will save yourself big time headaches. Again, so many times companies get a little information and run with it and disregard the SEO pro’s advice. This can be a costly and ignorant move. It happens all the time!
  7. Allow access: for ultimate efficiency, you need to get over giving access to key elements to your hired SEO firm. They can make a difference and will make a difference, if you let them just do their job.
  8. Before you let’r rip: Again, let the pros do some critical analysis on site to see if there are any issues that arise and make the appropriate adjustments. You won’t regret it.
  9. Annnnnd they’re off!: Now the site is alive and kicking and now you can sanctify yourself.
  10. Ongoing SEO: This is where your SEO firm proceeds with the campaign of link building, social media, relationship linking digital asset optimization and general optmization.

Lurie says:

“Don’t trust your developer, designer or marketer. I say that as someone who’s all three. We’re full of crap when it comes to involving others in our work: We’ll say “Sure, that’s a great idea” and then shut out the SEO team for weeks, if not months.”

So the lesson here is don’t forget about the SEO and that they bring vital experience and insight to the table. Just remember all the things she said and you’ll be sitting pretty if you just give it time.

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