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By Catherine Potts | Mar 6, 2008
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In my search to find topics to write about that haven’t been written about five thousand times this year already, I tend to come across some pretty interesting posts.


In the interest of increasing traffic to your site, you can do some really good stuff. Here are just a few things.

Kim Roach over at Zanypixel formulated quite the list of Untapped Link Building Strategies. First thing, she points out that you, yes you, can have your own Ebay blog like Jim Boykin. What? You say? Yes, you can. Now that’s a good backlink! I had no idea that was even an option. Guess I should look at Ebay more closely during the rare times I visit the site…

Now I’m not going to pilfer her entire post, but she’s got some good ideas. You can submit your site to various non-link-directory sites such as Cool Site of the Day, contest blogs, and hidden linking on Flickr:

During some of my recent research, I discovered a hidden linking technique on Flickr. This discovery came to me while studying the backlinks of If you examine their backlinks on Yahoo Site Explorer, you will find that a large portion of their backlinks come from Flickr.

For example, here’s one Flickr page that contains their link…


As I’ve stated before, article marketing is a great way to get visibility. If you have a blog (everyone has one these days right?) you can post your tweaked article on to an article marketing site (because they have certain parameters for the articles in order for maximum acceptance) and have the site auto-distribute to tons of sites. The site we currently use allows burying html in the author bio which has led to some great visibility for the client.

Social Networking is huge. Tropical SEO has collected and updated the list of sites. I’ve harvested them all and continue to build on the list. Thanks Andy!

Danny Sullivan’s Social Networking site currently the most popular (or most well-known) but from what I’ve heard, it’s begun to lose its luster for some.

Social Bookmarking is yet another way to increase traffic. Here is a big list of sites and here too. How does it work? Well I couldn’t have described it in a more economical way than Gooruze

Social bookmarking helps build a site or business’ traffic both directly and through indirect benefits.

Direct- Social bookmarking services “generally” allow users to make their bookmarks public access which provides a valuable reference resource for other internet users. Unlike search engines where a computer determines listings and relevance, social bookmarking uses humans to classify content – and is becoming increasingly popular way to find information.

Indirect- # Search engines place great importance on the number of relevant inbound links a website has when determining its ranking in their search results. Social bookmarking sites are essentially a collection of classified links to web pages. Where the bookmarks are made public with titles, descriptions and tags, they can provide some useful link value to web pages and help pages get indexed more regularly.

So there ya go. A small smattering of various ways (linked to many more ways) of getting traffic to your site. We’ve definitely not utilized all of these ways for our clients just yet and will have to report back on how it works out if implemented.

Go forth and get traffic!

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