The Debut of AOL's New Logo

By Kaitlyn Smeland Dhanaliwala | Dec 10, 2009
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Last month we heard the news about AOL redefining its brand as it separates from Time Warner with a new logo design.  Well, the new logo is now live.  So from now on, you will no longer see the well-known circle triangle thingy to the left.

AOL New Logo

…Instead, you’ll see this new, colorful, graphic-rich version.

In an effort to position itself as creative, dynamic, and full of diverse content, the new logo is the text “Aol.” laid across a random image that changes each time you visit the AOL homepage.

And that period (.) in the logo is apparently very important.  The New York Times quoted Sam Wilson (Managing Director at Wolff Olins, the branding agency on the project) last month about the logo.  Wilson said the period conveys “confidence, completeness…AOL is the place to go for the best content online, period.”

Tim Armstrong (the Chairman and Chief Executive of AOL) had a slightly different take, adding that “the dot is the pivot point for what comes after AOL.”  (I presume, by that, he is referring to the various offerings on or the content that comes after conducting a search).

And as you can tell from this promotional video for AOL using the new logo, AOL wants to be- if nothing else- one of the cool kids. Will the re-branding be enough to rejuvenate AOL?  According to Tim Armstrong, “AOL is a turnaround situation…it will take every ounce of blood, sweat and tears to make it successful.”


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