The Key to PPC Conversion: Specialized Landing Pages

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Jun 22, 2007
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Most of us realize that landing pages are the key to higher conversion rates, but theory and execution are two different things. So I decided to take a look at just how much a specially created landing page can affect conversion rate.

In this post we’ll examine a case study for the B2B market. Clovis Group is a recruiting firm specializing in recruiting for IT, sales, and finance positions.

Website Home Page
Clovis Group began their PPC efforts by using their home page for their landing page:

This landing page produced a conversion rate of 1.17%.

Often, beginning advertisers will use their website’s home page as the landing page for campaigns. However, home pages typically contain multiple topics — news, company information, contact information, etc. — many topics typically unrelated to a search query for a product or service offering. I like to describe the home page as a sort of “table of contents” for a website. The home page is simply a way to filter down to the specific information the site visitor is looking for. Needless to say, because of the broadness of the content of most home pages, conversion rates are often not optimal using these pages as landing pages.

Website Product Page
Next we used the specific service offering pages on the Clovis website as landing pages:

By simply using this specific, more targeted page as the landing page, conversion rate doubled over that of the home page as the landing page. This landing page produced a conversion rate of 2.40%.

While a product or service offering page on the advertiser website is certainly more targeted than the home page and will often produce a higher conversion rate, the website product page also offers its own set of challenges. Like the home page, there are many distractions from the core call to action on this type of website page.

Specially-Created Landing Page
Search Mojo created a special landing page for Clovis:

This landing page produced a conversion rate of 12.5% — FIVE TIMES the conversion rate of the best performing website page.

Unlike the website pages, this specially created landing page focuses on one subject — sales recruiting. It also presents the call to action clearly on the page through a form integrated into the page. We also removed the website navigation from this page to reduce distrations. And our efforts certainly paid off.

In conclusion, if you’re considering how to improve PPC conversion rates, seriously consider creating specialized landing pages. More often than not, we’ve found that they can dramatically increase conversion rate, and thus, ROI.

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